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One pastor was preaching about relationship. He talked about why the bad girls quickly get married than the good girls. I seems to disagree with that. Some pastors believe that Good girls are the ones that pray and fast everyday in church. They believed that good girls are the ones that are very active in church. But they fail to know that even Satan goes to church. They fail to know that men don't eat prayers and fasting.

They fail to know that a man seeks a life companion, not a church rat. They fail to know that, men don't get enticed by eye services, but character, behavior and lifestyle services That good girl to you might be the worst girl to another man. That bad girl to you might be the best girl to another man. No man will accept marrying a girl he sees as bad, so why tell me that bad girls get married easily than good girls?

She is good to him before he married her, which means she is a good girl to that man but a bad girl to you. Going to club, partying, seating out etc, doesn't make one a bad person, character is key in securing the best relationship or being in the perfect relationship, I don't underestimate the importance of going to church or spirituality but relationship is more physical than spiritual, so we need to balance it and our relationship won't suffer!!!

**Graced **

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Re: Character Is The Key by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Tue, 16 Apr, 2019 - 09:43:31:am GMT

Am sure what the pastor was actually trying to say, is that, those who don't come to church regularly, those who don't get involve in church activities, those who aren't believers, get married more than the ones who are committed in church, the ones who are known as Mummy G.O, the ones who are the choir mistress and this who preach.

Here's a point I will give...
If you look very well, take your time to study those who are mummy G.O very well. They are very rude. Am sure you know what I mean. And you should have being able to notice that. They are very rude to men and even to elders. Am not trying to say they are not good but they just have this bad character that nobody can talk to them.

When a guy walk up to them, they insult him and say all manners of words to him. Some will say, the guy is not born again. Even if the guy is a member of the church they attend. This is what I know very well. A legacy who was so fervent in a he church I attend, did the same thing. Every one complains about her rudeness. I don't know why this is so common among them. But they are very rude.

And there mate who don't know the Bible like them are getting married. It will get to a time, they will start fasting and prayer just to get a husband. After they've sent away their future husband.

Many of them feels they know. They over know. So, no guy can step on them. No guy can ride them. They are filled with the spirit of God. This and that. I pity you.


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Re: Character Is The Key by: Velisa(f) .:. Thu, 11 Jul, 2019 - 08:38:46:am GMT

Ladies... Your manner of approach matters a lot.As a single lady, please know that attitude is everything. When a gentleman approaches you about a relationship, there is really no need to be rude if you are not interested! You keep asking God to cause your potential husband to find you and when one appears, you size him from top to bottom and ask him what gave him the audacity to step up to you. The truth is this: for some ladies, the reason for delay is their attitude. It is their character! Praying is not the only solution, an attitude adjustment is required, a character evaluation is a must. Listen, that man you dismiss will spread news about you and that will repel every other man out there.

Remember Ruth? Boaz told her this - "...Everyone in this town knows you are a virtuous woman, a woman of excellence, a woman of noble character" - Ruth 3:11. It's obvious he had heard about her and he heard good things about her so that helped in his decision to approach her. Please calm down and prune away anything that may be putting that potential husband off. Just as good news spreads about a person, so does bad news - and it tends to go further. It's true that some men may misbehave when they approach you but I am talking about the ones who approach you you politely.

Don't behave as if nobody is worthy of you otherwise you will keep praying and fasting for a husband while you hear news of the weddings of those same men who approached you. As a man also, calm down in the way you approach her. Don't be aggressive and don't coerce her with "this says the Lord". Build friendship first and don't be forceful. Let her also make her decision. If you believe she's the one, ask God to confirm the same with her. Either way, don't allow your reputation to be negative because guess what... people know people. Be wise! Even for getting marriage, character, attitude is everything.


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Re: Character Is The Key by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Thu, 11 Jul, 2019 - 08:43:24:am GMT

Some ladies can be so annoying, especially the so-called beautiful girls. I have come to discover that when a lady sees her herself as a very beautiful girl, she will become rude and stubborn to everyone she won't respect people she will be arrogant and abuses anyone. She will now be filled with proudness and pomposity.

Please note that beauty without good character is useless. Your beauty is as useless as a piece of rag
if you don't have good characters. Don't think
that you can achieve anything in life with just

Your beauty can't make you get favour and help
from people if you are rude and
disrespectful. Those who win in beauty peagent
didn't win because they are beautiful. They won
because they are wise, intelligent and
responsible. If you are depending on your beauty,
am sorry for you. You won't go anywhere in life.
Ladies...Work on your character, work on your intelligence and wisdom.

Good character brings honor beauty does not. Good character brings favor and respect beauty does not.

Be responsible don't be rude to people because of your so-called beauty.

Be reasonable. Be wise. " Beauty may fail, the only
quality that will remain in man is character.

Be wiser today and respect yourself, remember ugly
girls are getting married every saturdays more
than beautiful girl because ugly girls have good
character, only good character differentiate lady
for being the same with other girls.

**God's light**

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Re: Character Is The Key by: Willidgr8t(m) .:. Thu, 03 Oct, 2019 - 02:48:04:pm GMT

Character without mincing words is always the key. When someone has a character he or she stance a chance to be favoured my all.. Having a good character is not a thing of gender that's to say that it is not a woman thing as most guys propose. Everyone created by God almighty is expected to develop a good as he or she grows to meet and interact with people.So I therefore implore everyone to work on his or herself to put a good character always.

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