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One of my friends is getting married this month end. I want to use him as an example for others to learn something. This girl he is about marrying used to have body odor. Her odor was so bad that you don't need insecticide to pursue mosquitos when she is around. He almost left her until he met me and told me his predicament. If you meet a girl or boy who has body odor, you can change him or her. God brought you to his or her way for you to help him or her.

Buy her good perfumeries like roll-on, body spray etc Buy her good bathing soap, cream, toiletries etc. If after all that she is still smelling bad, then know that it is internal not external. She is having internal heat. Help her treat the internal heat. As a girl, don't go about gossiping to your friends how dirty or unkept your boyfriend is. He is dirty and you are eating his money, are you okay? You can change him to that man you can cherish. Encourage him to be neat and clean.

If you don't like the way he does dress, you can buy the kind of cloths you like and surprise him. God brought you into his or her life for you to change him, for you to impact positively in his life. There is no man or woman that will ever forget that person who impacted his or her life in a positive way. Back to the guy now! He was begging to eat, he never thought he will marry this soon, but that smelling girl(as he called her), opened doors for him.

God used her to bless him. After he accepted to keep the girl,and change her as i advised, his life changed too! His finances blossomed! Now he is marrying God designed wife for him. That girl or man you are rejecting because of his or her weakness might be the person God brought to elevate you, to bring you favors. But because of your stupidity, you missed an opportunity of a lifetime, then later you will be crying for a good wife or husband. Change your mentalities now!

**Graced **

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Re: Can You Marry A Partner With Body Odor by: Velisa(f) .:. Sat, 27 Apr, 2019 - 11:49:30:am GMT

People with body and vaginal odour. There is no soft landing for this people, body odour will kill whatever sexual chemistry exists in a relationship.
This is not a male or female problem, this is a human problem so I won't point fingers to any gender. You can try to cover it up in defence, you can say the sweat will make things slide, it won't change the truth of it. Sweat, along with it, body odour, will disconnect the connection.
It is however, more important for a lady to be able to deal with this as most times, their body types means more heat generated and trapped. As women are usually associated with all things good including hygiene and smell, it means the bar of expectation is usually set very high in this department so what you think is just a minor thing is flagging like you cannot imagine. Ask those around you, body odour is one of the top reasons to leave a girl alone. If it crosses this bridge, it is one of the top reasons to hate intercourse with her. Luckily for men, ladies know this (and those who don't know eventually get told).

In the home, for different reasons at different periods (no pun intended), a woman can develop smells which previously were not there. This, the woman may not know but if as a man you do not mention it, how then will it be resolved?
This is where there is do you say it? (we suddenly become too responsible and Godly to utter the words)
"Emmm Darling, and there's something I want to tell you o but I don't know ooo......maybe later"................and that's the end.

For ladies whose experience is with partners that have body odour, there are nice ways to go about it. You can take the action into the bathroom (at least there you must run water), you can role play (and make sure your role involves you spraying perfume "randomly"), you can start it with a dressed dinner where you suggest he takes a shower first, or you can just tell him. See? women have it easier.

Okay, back to the ladies and how to tell them. Hmmmm.....maybe open a page on it and decide to read it with her (If she decodes, that's your food for the month gone), you can also try the role play where you are the one holding the perfume bottle but women are so sensitive, this can also be termed treason.

Eventually, we all need to go back to basics on this one, the ability of a couple to have important conversations such as this one without it getting blown up. Home remedies include apple cider vinegar, baking soda and yes yoghurt ! but first, you need to speak with a health practitioner on this. I know it's embarrassing but sometimes, it is not enough to use google. Moreover, doctors know because they are trained humans who experience it too.

Save yourself, help yourself.....and forgive your partner (those serving life bans for speaking up)


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Re: Can You Marry A Partner With Body Odor by: Confidant(f) .:. Fri, 21 Jun, 2019 - 01:54:37:am GMT

I hear people talking of this body odour and I do wonder what could actually be the cause of this body odour.

I found out that, some are just natural....there are some people who without reasons naturally have body odour. They were born and grew up that way. But this bus a rare case, and of course uncommon. But they are cases like this of people with natural body odour. This type of people don't really smell so bad like that, they just have a kind of foul odour that makes some use perfume all the time.

Secondly, some developed body odour due to lack of personal hygiene. Either lacking of bathing properly, or brushing or changing your clothes when you need to. Some people can wear same pant or boxer for a week before washing it. It's very bad. Even if it's two boxer sir pants you have, you should learn how to maintain personal hygiene with them. You don't need to have millions to be clean. So, lack of personal hygiene causes body odour.

Thirdly, spiritually... Believe it or not, we are in a world of battle of both spiritual and physical. The devil fighting the human world seriously and doing everything possible to make the human world become his. So, there are some body odor people have that are spiritual. This type of body odour smells than every other one. It can be invoke in someone just to pursue people from the person. No amount of perfume the person uses that can cure this body odour except the person goes a spiritual way.

If you have a partner who has body odour. You can help them find solution to it.


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Re: Can You Marry A Partner With Body Odor by: Willidgr8t(m) .:. Fri, 04 Oct, 2019 - 08:58:36:am GMT

Marrying a guy or a Lady with a body odour is not the problem. The particular problem is the person in question is he or she willing to work on it. Offensive body odour could be caused by alot of things. Some of the

causes could ragnge from..1) Inadequate or poor hygiene--Good number of people both guys and ladies do not take good care of their personal effects.Some of them do not take their bathe regularly, some do not take

their bathe properly, most of them ignore what they wear inside.. You can imagine a guy wearing one boxeers for one week or a lady wearing her

one pants or bra for one week. This act undoubtedly will predispose such a person to having body odour.

Some of the body odours are innate however it doesn't come as a result

of the person lack of proper hygiene.whether natural or induced what

matters is the action of the person involve...the person could resort to using antiperspirant like roll-on,body spray ,perfume etc..

**I'm very optimistic about life! **

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Re: Can You Marry A Partner With Body Odor by: Willidgr8t(m) .:. Mon, 21 Oct, 2019 - 11:12:37:am GMT

Marrying a woman or a man with a body odour isn't a problem.. The problem lies with the inability of the partner to change or put up measures that will help

address the situation.Alot of things could be done to solve address the situation. The importance of personal hygiene cannot be over emphasis. The man or woman

with body odour could resort to using antiperspirant like rollon,perfume,body spray and so on.. This

undoubtedly will help to address the issue of body odour drastically.

**I'm very optimistic about life! **

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