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Recipes/Cooking » COOKIES by: AuthoressAdemide(f) .:. Sat, 05 Sep, 2020 - 09:44:32:am GMT
FLOUR - 350g
SUGAR - 100g
EGG - 1
VANILLA ESSENCE - 1 tablespoon


Grease a sheet pan and set aside.

Put margarine, sugar into a bowl, cream but don't cream too much like cake mixture so that the cookies will retain its shape and not spread too much.

Add the egg ad blend at a low speed.

Add the vanilla essence.

Seive flour, mix into the fluffy mixture until just combined. Do not over mix.

Roll out about 1/8cm (3cm) thick and cut out with cutter of various shape and bake for about 10-15 minutes or less.

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Re: COOKIES by: KennyM(f) .:. Sat, 05 Sep, 2020 - 10:54:50:am GMT

Nice and simple!

Something about baking that I love is that you can be spontaneous with your choice of ingredients, style of baking and varieties of flavors.
I'll be dropping the ingredients for gingerbread cookies which is a common kind of cookies we're familiar with.
Here's goes!

350g plain flour
1 1/2 teaspoons ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
100g chilled butter or margarine
175g sugar
2 tablespoons golden syrup
1 medium egg
Cookie cutter

Heat your oven to 180°C. Use a paper tow to wipe a little oil over your baking tray (or trays, depending on how much you want them to be).
Always note that before using your flour, always sift it with a sieve. This is very important. You do this in a mixing bowl and you also sift your other dry ingredients (ginger, cinnamon and bicarbonate of soda) in the same bowl.
You then cut your butter or margarine (whichever one you choose) into chunks (remember that your butter is chilled) and stir it in so that it is coated with flour. 
After doing this, use your fingertips to rub the chunks of butter or margarine into the flour. When the mixture looks like fine breadcrumbs, you can stop and then add in your sugar.
Beat your eggs into a bowl, add the syrup and then beat altogether. Add this eggy mixture to the flour and then mix everything together.
Mix thoroughly until your dough is smooth and then cut it into half.
Take one half and place on a clean surface,then roll with a rolling pin. It shouldn't be too thin!
Use your cookie cutter to cut out from the dough then place each one onto the baking trays.
Do the same with the other half and when all's been you've carefully cut out your cookies,place them all into your baking trays. In whatever you do, remember,no wastage!
Put the cookies into the oven and bake them for like 12-15 minutes. They have to be dark golden before they are out of the oven.
When done, bring them out of the oven and leave for few minutes to cool.

Now you can enjoy your cookies with milk,juice or whatever you're comfortable with.

Read, learn, bake!


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Re: COOKIES by: Peekaboo(f) .:. Sun, 27 Sep, 2020 - 08:32:49:pm GMT

Wow this is nice and fantastic




I never knew how to make it

Wow this is educative

I will try it out 



Beautiful. Magnificent
I never knew we use magarine and eggs wow


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Re: COOKIES by: Abbie@21(f) .:. Sun, 27 Sep, 2020 - 09:05:23:pm GMT

   This is very helpful, thanks a lot!!, I'm definitely going to try it out, but I have a question , can a little pinch of salt be added? 

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Re: COOKIES by: Jay(m) .:. Sun, 27 Sep, 2020 - 11:47:34:pm GMT

I love cookies a lot.Now you've made it simple to bake!

I'll surely try to bake mine someday.

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Re: COOKIES by: KennyM(f) .:. Wed, 28 Oct, 2020 - 01:09:29:pm GMT


Yay, that's nice to hear. Don't forget to let us know the outcome whenever you try it. 


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Re: COOKIES by: KennyM(f) .:. Wed, 28 Oct, 2020 - 01:11:14:pm GMT


Please do try it out. Like I said, you can be spontaneous with your choice of flavors. 


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Re: COOKIES by: Rachael(f) .:. Sat, 22 Oct, 2022 - 11:29:37:am GMT

Caster sugar
All-purpose flour
Baking powder

Step 1: sift the flour inside a clean bowl, after that leave the sifted flour inside the bowl.

Step 2: Cream butter and sugar together. It creates air pockets that expand in the oven, making the dough tender.

Step 3: Beat eggs into the creamed butter and sugar, this will add flavor to the mixture. After that add vanilla to the mixture.

Step 4: Add dry ingredients to the mixture, (flour, baking powder) into the mixture.
Mix it gently to avoid toughness.

Step 5: fold nuts into the batter. Shape the cookies in your desired shapes.

Step 6: bake the cookies in the oven, check the cookies in the middle to know if it is well baked.

Step 7: let it cool and it is ready to be served.

**Life is good**

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