» Black date or white date? by: Magnifcent(m) .:. Fri, 05 Dec, 2014 - 07:33:35:am GMT

Lets be frank to our self,as a girl will you date a white guy for love or money? For guys will you date a white girl for real love ,marrage or just for fun.? Say your mind .
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Re: Black date or white date? by: Kenny11973(m) .:. Fri, 05 Dec, 2014 - 05:38:27:pm GMT

Well, dating for money won't last. If the lady am dating is very rich and she's humble then I will love her for real but if the lady is rude ,I will date her and take her money,at the end I will drop her all because she rude. I don't caree if she black or white. Black race and white race are equal I the eyes of the creator.
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Re: Black date or white date? by: Piwizo(m) .:. Mon, 18 Feb, 2019 - 10:37:26:am GMT

Having been to different countries of the world, most recently Ukraine, I know that when a black girl date a white guy it's for love than money because a white guy took a lot of guts to date this rare gem and it isn't that common but it's the most beautiful thing ever, bringing two cultures together living under one roof, there's nothing like fight quarrel or divorce as when a white dates another white, and it's very adventurous, it also gives the white a sense of pride being among his clans and be the only one different with a black girl, they'll respect him even if they might openly not admit it, while for the guys dating a white girl most time could be because of fun because most of them have this attitude of breaking up or filing for divorce when you have little problems, and do that because they know the law backs them up, yes I agree they are others who are good and nice but on a scale of average, the ones who will file for divorce are more and if the guy is successful they will collect a higher percentage of his assets and give to the woman, so it's advisable for a black guy to stick within his country or territory, but most black guys too date this white ladies for permanent resident permit and other benefits that we know about, and I think if we are talking of love here, the best bet for a black guy is to date a black woman, that's my own opinion

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Re: Black date or white date? by: Youngbeauty(f) .:. Thu, 27 Jun, 2019 - 10:44:04:am GMT

to be frank dating a white or black girl doesn't matter when you want to date someone for money or love it your choice to make,some black girls are rude same gos for white to,some guys date either black or white for love,but some for money,for fun etc,wen you want to have fun get a hobby,don't use someone heart for fun

If you want a rich girl to date because of her money,then go make yours and fine a girl that you love for real,but wen she is rude and you love her talk to her to see if she will change,and if she din change and you can't continue with her then live,and if you chose to date her for the money you are doing a big mistake

a white girl to date is sweet same as black,black guys are sweet same as white, they is no difference in dating either black or white,they do things in same way,but some black are stronger then white in s***x part and some white are stronger then black in s**x part,been white dose not matter but what matter is dating for the real intention and finding a real and true love

Not money love oooo i mean real
So black or white no difference,i can date a black or white guy for love and not money,because wen you have love and no money u are happy with the joy you get,even wen they is need for money in a relationship but i can still cope with that

They are all one

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