Romance » Big Girl by: Oma_maron(f) .:. Tue, 16 Apr, 2019 - 07:29:29:am GMT

Some girls are their own problems. As a girl you don't have any handwork, from morning till evening you are at your street walking around with some touts(boys with no handwork too), at night you dress and go out, how do you want people to rate you? From morning till evening, different cars are coming to check on you, you fan yourself that you are a big girl, my dear you are a local champion o.

A big girl is an independent girl. You can't be depending on men to claim you are independent. You can't be depending on men to claim you are taking care of yourself alone. Nobody can ever value a so-called Big girl that has no handwork, not schooling and not working.

Expensive or skimpy dressings can not make you a big girl. Brazilian hairs, human hairs of 300,000 can not make you a big girl. Makeups or foundations can not make you a big girl. What makes you a big girl then? Having what you do legally that pays your bills without depending on men.

**Graced **

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Re: Big Girl by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Tue, 16 Apr, 2019 - 10:44:59:am GMT

Those girls who live and survive on other people pockets, I wonder how their old-age will look like. Those who get involve in prostitution and wayward life. I wonder how they will end their life. Cause many don't have a job, neither did they went to school, some are drop out from school, not even a handwork, not even a personal business.

Some ladies think they are wise when they dupe guys of their money. My dear, if you dupe guys and you lavish the money anyhow, you are the most stupid Girl on earth.

Like a true life story of a young beautiful lady who was just a teacher. She stopped her education at secondary school. She is a secondary school certificate holder. And was just close to 21 years old. Her mother was a business woman but though not a wealthy one. This woman had 1 million in her account which it took her years to gather and was still saving more.

The young lady, went to the bank and started withdrawing her mother money little by little into another account where she can fully have access to. And once she withdraw any money, she deletes the message the bank sends to her mother's phone. And she was not putting all in one account. She will borrow someone account and transfer the money to it. So, she continued like that.

It was time to withdraw the last money. She borrowed one of her uncle account and lied to him about the money. Then after that, she gathered all the money. And went to another state, very far for her wedding. The guy she was to marry asked her how she got the money, but she lied her parent gave it to her.

She didn't inform her mother of the wedding but just her dad. But her dad couldn't attend because of the distance. And some few days to the wedding. Someone came to the girl mother to borrow money. So, she told someone to go and withdraw money for her to loan the person that needs help. Only for the person to return with no money. He said... There was no money in the account. The woman fainted immediately...

They went to bank the next day and made research of who has withdrew all her money. The camera brough put her daughter's picture. It was on the wedding day, when the bride was doing her make up.. that police stepped in and arrested her. Right now... She is in the prison. The wedding didn't hold.

The man explained how he kept asking her about the money. But she was always giving the same story.

This is the highest stupidity I've ever seen. You want to form big girl, yet you don't have anything and depending on others to survive.


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Re: Big Girl by: Piwizo(m) .:. Sat, 27 Apr, 2019 - 09:17:59:am GMT

It got to a time I began to wonder what this big girl stuff is all about and how it is measured or weighed. Is it by how many clothes in your wardrobe, or shoes in your shoe rack, or jewelries, or make ups you have? Some girls who call themselves big girls has nothing upstairs.

Have you seen a lady... Dressed expensively and with an expensive phone but still come to you to teach her how to type on phone? Some knows nothing upstairs. They still come to you to teach them how to send text message. Their own big girl is measured by what they wear and numbers of men they carry. Those men who are not ready to promote your life but only eat and clean their mouth and they don't mind spending the whole world just to accomplish that.

A big girl who proves one has no handwork, no business or trading, no education, no skills. What makes you big then? I really want to know. You live on other people's wealth. They won't last forever.

I have made some research and find out that so many of this called big girls, the reason they can't hold on to a business or skills is because they get their money from men, and most tine easily, some time after sex they get that huge amount of money they have being wishing for. And any money you don't work for. You waste it lavishly cause you believe more will come from same source. They lavish the money any how buying the latest and all that.

Stop depending on others. Depend on yourself. Work on yourself. Get a skill. Get a business doing. Stop buying and buying that won't profit you anything and get a skills for yourself.


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Re: Big Girl by: Velisa(f) .:. Mon, 20 May, 2019 - 07:07:49:am GMT

The fact that different guys pick you up
every friday
night does not make you a big girl.
The fact that you wear all the latest clothes
in the
market does not make you a big girl.
And of the fact that you use the latest
phone and
different guys pay money into your account
does not
make you an actual big girl.
It does not even make you smart! You are
wasting away your FUTURE!
A big girl is a girl who uses the brain in her
head. She
is not the one who flirts with all the rich
men men
around her.
She is the girl who respects her relationship
She is every man's queen, decently dressed.
A big girl respects the value of
womanhood... She
carries herself with dignity.
Stop boasting about the number of men
you've slept
with my dear.... Remember, cheap articles
have more
patronizers.. Build yourself into the woman
will always respect and admire. Never follow
who will make a mess of your life.
Be bold but humble, be Godly.. Be
hardworking, be
ambitious but contented.. Don't make men a
in life.. Real men will seek you!
Build yourself into the woman men will
always want
to take home to their mamas.. Not the one
they only
want to take to hotels and clubs. TRUST ME,
if you
just trap a man with your body, he'll go one
Work on your character, let God be your
That is a Big Girl


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Re: Big Girl by: AJESTY(f) .:. Mon, 20 May, 2019 - 04:14:20:pm GMT

Most girls thinks wearing designer and acting all pouch makes them a big girl. Sleeping with different men and enriching yourself don't actually makes a big girl. It only makes you look cheap,because the same men u r sleeping with don't actually have good things to say about you.

It's a small world and karma is very don't know u might come across friends of this men u have been sleeping with who actually liked you but due to your kind of person they can't say anything good about you.

A big girl is a lady that is responsible for herself she actually works hard for her own money.she is a career woman,an entrepreneur.she tries to develop herself in anyway she can. She doesnt need to ask for every little thing she need from a man.a man's money is like a bonus to her

Men these day are not looking for ladies who are going to b a liability to them,what they need are ladies who has the same vision with them,who can b supportive.these ladies are the real big girls, they are the real miss independent ladies. Not the ones that knows the name of all the entries, bars,hotels in town.


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Re: Big Girl by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Thu, 20 Jun, 2019 - 07:23:15:am GMT

Being a big girl is not measured by the price of the clothe you wear. It is not measured by the numbers of shoes you have. It is not measured by the numbers of men you carry. It is not measured by the amount of make up you put on your face.

It is measured by what you've achieved so far. A big girl is not a prostitute, it is not a chick, it is not a slay queen, a big girl is a boss lady. A lady who has something upstairs and put it into doing. A lady who has achieved something tangible. A lady who stands among men. A lady who has a career. Not a lady who has only expensive clothes with nothing upstairs.

What makes you a big girl is not the car you got as a birthday gift from one of your lovers. It is not the house you got as a gift from one of your men, if you have all this with nothing in your head, you will loose them at the end.

Invest into something that will make you outstanding others.

Go to school, study and have a certificate. Work and invest. Stop depending on others for food and survival. The day they live you, you will fall.

It's like when you lean on someone, the day the persons lives you unexpectedly, you will eventually fall. Stop leaning on people to survive. Stand your own ground.

You have two legs just like the other person's has. You have two hands. You can stand your own ground and fight your way through,stop depending on others, let others depend on you if possible.

**God's light**

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Re: Big Girl by: Confidant(f) .:. Wed, 10 Jul, 2019 - 02:37:25:pm GMT

"Don't be so ugly the only beauty you've got is your body".

Hopefully, you never get to understand that statement from experience.

It's like way too many ladies believe there's a sustainable magic to their looks and body. They are drowned in their entitlement mentally and expect it all.

No need for self development, I am good looking and sexy. Yes, 'sexy' - meaning 'of sex' or in relation to sex, that my dear, is all you have got.

Of what use is a healthy conversation to you? You probably won't understand most of what's said anyway. Worse, if there's food involved, the only words you'd be able to string up right would include the phrases "can I have", "I will like" or "give me".

Internet and television access every single day but if the conversation is not about something on the level of BBN then it is rocket science.

Best words fish, club, money, alcohol, yet this is the person looking to be taken seriously.

You know the funny thing about how the system works? there'd always be one or two people who'd make it on this line, enough to keep you trapped in the self deceptive system thinking that you are about to be them.

Who fine boy epp na? that's what you said the other day right? Yeah, that's rich, coming from someone who pronounces 'help' as 'epp' and 'now' as 'na'.

Fine boy has gone and correct guy has arrived, how are you going to keep him, your body?

The best guys seek intellectually sound women who are able to team up with them to build good homes and make smiles of the tears that life throws at them through marriage.

Ask those who made it past the wedding day armed with just body, you must grow intelligence and character to survive.

Oh, that body is on a countdown by the way, go figure.


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Re: Big Girl by: Obinnaoguji(m) .:. Wed, 10 Jul, 2019 - 03:19:03:pm GMT

At least there are people like you that still understand this misconception. No responsible man will even date such a girl. Well, birds of a feather fly together. The truth of the matter s that what you are you attract. How can you reduce yourself to nothing. Who will value you except to take advantage f you?

A lady must be able to take care of herself independently. What you can't afford forget about it. Get a work and take care of your needs, it's your responsibility. Have life a dream and a goal you are working on. That will shape your attitude to work.

When you have a dream you are working on, it acts like a pull that determines the things you do and don't. Responsible men are easily attracted to people like this. Just because you are busy living your life is enough reason to attract the right man.

Every human, man and woman alike, have a deposit of what the world really needs. When you don't live your life in line with this, you simply failed your generation. Don't give your power away. Nobody will steer you to the right direction, it's your responsibility to do that.

**Obinna Oguji**

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