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What is BVN Enrollment
BVN is bank verification number.
How do customer apply for BVN
The customer comes to the bank, kitted with his/her face or nose mask
.In banks now, there are expected number of customers that should be in a banking hall since the era of pandemic.
When it is your turn, your body temperature will be checked before you enter the banking hall.
There's a designated area for BVN customers in the banking hall.
The customer will approach the banking officer designated to handle BVN, the BVN form will be given to the customer.
The customer must be above 18 years old, a minor cannot be enrolled on BVN.
The customer present his/her valid means of identification, which can be either of the following, drivers license, NIMC, not the temporary national ID card, international passport, all these must be valid, expired ID card cannot be honoured.
The bank officer, collects both the form and the photocopy of the customer's ID card.
The bank officer vets the form for correctness, before processing the customer's request been the enrollment.
Upon the enrollment, you will asked to place your fingers one after the other on the BVN enrollment machine.
The customer's passport will be taken using the BVN camera called webcam.
After, all these has been done, that is the processes, a BVN 11 digits number will be generated by the bank officer, this will be handed over to the customer.
The customer will be told when to come for the BVN electronic card, just like the ATM card.
Please note, any form that is captured on the BVN database, cannot be altered or changed, so have to be careful when filling your BVN form.
Check every details for correctness to avoid coming to bank again for BVN modification, this will warrant you going to court for affidavit, and bringing a newspaper publication.

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I think is nice innovative by commercial Bank to link various Accounts together.

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