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Learn all of this with a token amount of #600 only. Become your own skin therapist andmake your skin products for your customers and yourself. Click the link below to join our introduction group: https://chat.whatapp.com/LeEEyMyzcWdH9IZRXyKmrL. COURSE OUTLINE 1: -wig making -cake baking -make up -8 different ebook COURSE OUTLINE 2- Part 1: -Introduction to organic cream -Introduction to promixing -Introduction to lotions and creams -Essential oils and Carrier oils -Skin types and care -Skin analysis -How to make base cream -Arabian glow whitening milk - Papaya whitening lotion -Glutax whitening lotion -Hot chocolate body butter -Ebony body butter -Glowing lotion -India glow lightening lotion -Glow and shine cream -Lightening face cream Part 2: -Pimples face cream -Body spot removal cream -Body spot soap -Face spot removal cream -Pimples cleanser -Whitening body polish -Skin glow body scrub -Collagen body scrub -Lightening oil -Pimples eradicator soap -Knuckles eraser soap -Knuckles cleanser -Clear hands and feet -Bleached skin cream -Bleached skin oil -Fair lady mix -Skin glow night cream -Whitening cream -Extra whitening black soap -Moroccan oil -Egytian oil -Bright and glow oil -Repair oil -Face cream -Pink lip bam -Pink lip scrub -Pink lip activator Part 3: -Anti-Aging cream -Baby lotion -Dark underarm remedy -Weight loss remedy -Chocolate body lotion for dark skin -Whitening magic cream -Skin lightening cream -Skin lightening Papaya lotion -Whitening carrot soap -Mango body butter -Natural exfoliating scrub -Whitening cream -Halfcast oil -Halfcast cream -African liquid black soap -Whitening face cream -Cucumber whitening soap -Egytian magic cream -Egytian toning lotion -Acnes/Pimples soap -Knuckles eraser cream -Kids herbal black soap -Whitening powder -Anti aging face mask -Dark knuckles remedy -Dark circles remedy -Pimples/Eczema face mask -Skin glow serum -Night lightening/glowing cream -Skin glow remedy Part 4: -Egyptian whitening milk -Moroccan soap -Melt and pour whitening/lightening soap -Lightening oil -Whitening oil -Sunburn cream -Sunburn cleanser -Egytian lotion -Moroccan lotion -Luminous lightening lotion -Dark thigh fader -Whitening body wash -Green veil oil -Loose skin cream -Hot whitening oil -Stretch mark cream -Stretch mark scrub -Stretch mark oil -Russian whitening lotion -Snow white cream


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