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» Anecdote of little stubborn Joe by: EmjaysFantasies(m) .:. Thu, 16 Sep, 2021 - 03:30:46:pm GMT
A Saturday morning in the year 2008, the weather was sunny and the sounds of birds chirping was soothing but not the expecting noise of a rooster waking Joe up from sleep.

Beginning the day with silent prayers, loud good mornings and house chores, knowing his duties in the house of seven. This time it was his turn to go for errands, which he didn't really like doing so he made it fun by inviting his sis to tag along promising snacks and sweets.

Being stubborn he made everything a competition like who would get there first knowing he was faster than her and she was patient enough to run with him knowing what's at stake. Stubborn Joe got there first and he bought all he was asked to including the sweets and snacks, meanwhile Cherish his sister was catching her breath when he said again with a grin on his face 'whoever gets back home first gets all the goodies'.

On your mark, get set
Go! He ran as fast as he could forgetting that his sister was out of breath.

Cherish looked up and no one was there only strangers and she didn't know the way back. She was scared, hungry and alone.

Joe without looking back arrived home shouting I win! But no one answered, he looked back and realised he was alone Cherish! CHERISH!

Mother heard him infact the whole neighborhood did, they came out all asking the same question .."what happened to cherish?"

Joe was angry at himself but also scared and he knew what he had to do to save his sister.

He told his parents what happened, he was blamed, insulted and beaten. But at the end he was happy that his sister got home safe and he got to give her the snacks and sweets.

The end.


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