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Crimes » An Ordeal With Mean-Spirited Irish Police Officers Who Seized Car For Filming by: Papafa(f) .:. Fri, 16 Jul, 2021 - 08:01:43:pm GMT

The Author says:
Please, Like and share the video for publicity, people have to hear of this so the police don't sweep it under rug.
On Monday, the 15th of March, 2021, I purchased a Ford Galaxy vehicle with registration number 08LS3181 from a seller on Done-Deal website: This vehicle was purchased for the sole purpose of my work as a security guard which demands regular travels.
And as a law abiding person and as required by my employer, before I went to collect the car, I acted responsibly by making inquiry with my long term Insurance Provider, to ensure that I am legally eligible to drive the vehicle: My Insurance provider advised that since I am a Comprehensive Insurance policy holder, I am eligible to drive another persons' vehicle provided I have their consent.
And due to concerns that a change of ownership may have taken place on the vehicle document, I made arrangements with the Insurance company to prepare a temporary insurance cover for me to drive the vehicle, just in case the vehicle was already on my name: By these measures, I was completely covered to drive the vehicle either way, whether it was on the previous owner's name or on my own name. (See Appendix #1)
I also contacted Motor Tax office and I was advised that I had three weeks (after date of purchase to declare the vehicle off road or I can choose to pay for the tax : despite this, I still chose to pay for the tax The vehicle also had NCT road worthiness certificate disc on it: therefore, with all these measures in places, I was legally covered and eligible to drive the vehicle to my home in Killarney.
Eventually, on Monday, the 22nd of March (a week after purchasing the vehicle) I went to collect it from the garage where it was parked. At approximately 17:45 o'clock, as I was driving the vehicle on my way to Killarney, and about 70km from Killarney, I met a Garda Covid Travel Regulation point which was being controlled by two members of Togher Garda station who later identified themselves as Garda Ryan Dillon and Garda Michael Harney.
Garda Dillon asked me why I was driving a car without an insurance disc”, and I politely explained that I have comprehensive Insurance cover and that I also have a temporary insurance cover to drive the vehicle.
He then ordered me to pull over, and I complied.
He proceeded to ask me series of questions about the ownership and Insurance of the car, and I was happy to cooperate with every answer that he required of me: I told him that I purchased the car a week ago and that I have every insurance document.
He then asked to see the documents and I handed him all Insurance documents:
• A Comprehensive Insurance document for my own car, which qualifies me to drive another person's vehicle with their consent. (See appendix #1)
• An insurance cover document (bearing the vehicle registration number, 08LS3181) which explicitly states that I am covered to drive this particular vehicle within that period. (See appendix #2)
• A letter of renewal of Insurance policy. (See appendix #3)
Garda Dillon took all the documents and then asked me how long I have owned the car, and I told him that I purchased it just a week ago.
He then demanded that I prove to him that I purchased the car a week ago, and I asked him what proof would he accept, and he asked whether I have an email or text message of my correspondence with the seller, and I showed him the text messages on my phone: he read them and then demanded for my Driving License which I also gave him.
He took my driver's licence together with all my insurance documents, and he then told me that he was going to make a phone call to check my identity and record, and that if all is well, he will let me go.
I waited patiently because I knew that there was nothing against my name: and I heard him running up my details in their system.
I then decided to turn on my video camera, and he noticed it: and when he finished checking my details, I politely asked him in a friendly way, any luck?”
And he replied, sorry?”
And I repeated, any luck?”
Then he answered blatantly, not really, because of the fact you decided to turn the camera on me”.
I told him yes, I have the right to do that”.
And he asked, why?”
And I explained to him that I was filming it for transparency and accountability and that I would rather avoid a situation whereby the story is changed, and I am not believed.
Garda Dillon took offence and he told me that he would be seizing the vehicle from me (even though I have handed him my valid insurance document) .
Although I knew that there is no law prohibiting me from filming the encounter, yet out of concern that these Garda members were willing to disregard my Insurance documents and seize the vehicle in retaliation for filming them, I decided to stop filming in an attempt to deescalate the situation:
But it was "too late" according to Garda Dillon, as the officers towed my car away in retaliation for filming them.
I have since made a complaint to the GSOC who are very slow to contact me.
Do not hesitate to contact me: bennjustice@hotmail.com.
Please, share the video and help bring these men to accountability


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Re: An Ordeal With Mean-Spirited Irish Police Officers Who Seized Car For Filming by: Fashnet(m) .:. Sun, 18 Jul, 2021 - 10:44:59:pm GMT

This is really bad and it is so pathetic I can't believe and Irish officer can come up with such a behaviour.

I am so disappointed to see that this really happened and this is not the best of it at all the truth is I just don't know why people feel so comfortable and cheating or that's all those that can't fight for themselves one some people have power it intoxicated and make them feel like they will have the power forever but the truth is it's just for a while and the test of a man, a real man is when he has power how well he uses his power that he has to benefit man in the society, whethee uses it to benefit the man positively or uses it negatively against the will of the citizens.

How I feel that this type of a man is brought to Justice and he is not left alone to go unpunished in this type of act that he just put up with injustice is just almost all over the world and everywhere you find it among blacks you find it among Indians will find it in Asia you find it among Irish and everywhere.
The most painfullest people uses it to their money advantage and they make others look less privilege what will it take a man if he uses the power he has to benefit people it's just a shame on him I hope this man is brought to Justice and the person that deserves Justice finally gets his Justice at the end thank you this is my view and my contribution on this matter.
**Help the needy and love everyone**

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