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Agriculture is the activities be involved in the cultivation of the soil and production of crops, in the feeding and management of animals, as well as in the preparation of plant and animal products, for the use of man.

Components of agriculture
1. Livestock production
2. Crop production
3. Forestry
4. Fishing

Problems of agriculture in West Africa
The main problems of agriculture in West Africa is the low productivity per unit area of land, as well as per labourer. This can be explained by certain references to certain specific factors:

1. Land fragmentation
2. Use of traditional agricultural implements
3. Unfriendly climatic conditions
4. Resistance to agricultural innovation
5. Inefficient farming systems
6. Lack of credit facilities
7. Natural disasters
8. Inadequate marketing facilities

Solving the problems of agriculture in West Africa
1. Reform of the land tenure system
2. Provision of good networks of extension services
3. Formation of farmers' cooperatives
4. Price stabilisation and market creation
5. Provision of good networks of feeder roads
6. Provision of planned residential areas
7. Establishment of natural disaster relief funds
8. Setting up anti-erosion and anti-desertification schemes.

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Agriculture is the planting of crops, rearing of animals for human consumption. From secondary school we were taught that there are two types of farming :
(i) Subsistence farming : a type of agriculture /farming that deals with the planting of crops, rearing of animals for family use only.
(ii) Commercial farming : a type of farming that deals with the planting of crops and rearing of animals for commercial purposes, wide range. It is more mechanised than the Subsistence farming.

Importance of agriculture :
1. Provision of food :this is the major importance of agriculture. Without the existence of greenland /farming it is obvious they will be no food to eat. Because of agriculture we can feed ourselves.
2.Provision of herbs /medicine : we get to know medicinal herbs that will help to cure one illness or the other.
3. Provision of craft : from most trees we get broom, basket, gum etc
4.Serve as tourist Centre
5.Serve as government revenue - instead of depending on petroleum, agriculture can serve as government's major revenue too.
6 Source of income and employment :farmers farm and when they work hard they sell and gain from it.
There are many importance of agriculture but these are the main importance.

Limitations /problems of agriculture :
-Illiteracy : most of the farmers didn't go to school so they find it hard to use most of our modern implements (mechanised tools) like tractor, bulldozer, etc they still depend on the local tools eg hoe, cutlass, wheelbarrow etc which can be very slow.
-Irrigation : the farmers only depend on raining season. They do not have access to boreholes or pipes especially those in the rural areas.
-Lack of technical know how /manpower - the farmers are not familiar to modernised ways of farming crops.
-Insufficient fund - the farmers sometimes complain of insufficient fund to farm and get major farming items.

How can these problems be solved?
Agriculture/farming is very important, so government should really look into the agricultural sector by educating the farmers, provision of mechanised tools etc

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   Re: Agriculture by: Abbey(m) .:. Fri, 31 Jul, 2020 - 01:44:08:pm GMT

Agriculture , the agricultural sector in our country is lacking behind , if government encourage our farmer they will have the opportunity to enlarge there farming activities , there are some farmers who wish to engage in a large commercial farming Ibut they did not have enough funds to carry out the activities,

If there is no agriculture there is nothing called a nation because through agriculture we have food, farmers are the ones who provide food for the and, we can't live without food ,food give us energy and make us grow, farmmer are the ones producing food.
The reason for low level of agricultural are
1.lack of basic amenities.. Government should provide basic amenities for the farmer.
2.i adequate fund.. Money is involved in agriculture if there is not enough money farmer can not carry out work easily ,.
3.inadequat machine. Farmers need machine such as tractors, chemical


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Agriculture is defined as the cultivation of crops and also rearing of animal for use of man. Component of agriculture 1.livestock 4.crop production. Majorly the problem involve in Africa involving in agriculture 1.lack of farm input2.lack of agricultural facilities & laborer4.erosion5.lack of fertile land. How to resolve the problem in agriculture aspect in west Africa 1.Government providing fertilizer and farm input involving in the farmer 3.A fertile land for planting 4.transportation of farm produce.

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   Re: Agriculture by: Abbey(m) .:. Sat, 01 Aug, 2020 - 07:43:25:am GMT

Our agricultural sector is too low and yet government said that we should engaged in to agriculture

The way to improve the agricultural sector .
3.provision of fertilizer for the agricultural sector , these farmers are in need of help from the government so that their products can be in a large form. Outland.. Farmers need a large area of land to cultivate on, they plant on land, so if there is not an adequate land farmer will not be OK with there work.
Types of farming
The subsistence farming are way by which farmer plant in a small area of land, in a little surface.
The commercial farming this commercial farming are in large area of land, in a big format .
There for farmer are to be encouraged, by making work early for them , our farmer are to be assisted by the government of the country,.
These farmer are to be blessed with things , farmers are the ones who provide food for the masses ,
If there is no food there is no nation


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   Re: Agriculture by: Jerrythegifted(m) .:. Wed, 07 Oct, 2020 - 11:43:48:am GMT

The importance of agriculture to our country Nigeria.

Many people in our country today are famous, though the majority of them are rural dwellers who practice substicence agriculture.A few however engage in large scale farming.

Individuals as well as the nation depend on agriculture in many ways.

In Nigeria today,many people are alive because they produce most of the food they eat.Farm produce such as rice, plantains and groundnuts are produced by these farmers.

Some of these farmers sell the crops to make money and for other useful purposes.By so doing,they contribute to the development of the economy.

The farmers who engage in large scale farmings,such as palm plantations,cocoa plantations or poultry farming contribute more meaningfully to the development of our country.

Through the export of agricultural products,the nation makes a lot of foreign exchange.

The money realized from exported duties is used to develop our country,schools are built,roads are constructed.And many more development are possible.


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   Re: Agriculture by: Jerrythegifted(m) .:. Wed, 07 Oct, 2020 - 12:23:53:pm GMT

Other importance agriculture gives to Nigeria are...

Agriculture provides raw materials for our growing industries.

Raw materials such as rubber,hides and skins,palm oil and palm kernel are used by industries for production purposes.

Also, agriculture reduced unemployment.Today, many of our unemployed men and women are engaged in different types of agriculture.

Some are into snail farming, catfish farming.To mention a few examples.By doing so,they become self employed and even employers to others.

Agriculture provides wood and tipper for building houses and bridges and for making furniture for house hold use as for industries and organizations.

In conclusion, agriculture is very important to individuals and the nation in general.

It is the main stay of our economy and should therefore be encouraged by the government.

Thank you.

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   Re: Agriculture by: Abbie@21(f) .:. Wed, 07 Oct, 2020 - 03:30:54:pm GMT

We all know what agriculture entails, it involves how animals are reared or how crops are cultivated either for consumption which is small scale farming or subsistent farming or sold out which is large scale farming or commercial farming.

In agriculture, there are certain tools that are use, I call them tools and not machineries because tools are handy and can only be used for small scale farming, these tools are called "Simple agricultural tools".

Simple agricultural tools are tools that we can make use of manually to perform certain farming operations. They are for small scale production.They are
1-Cutlass:A cutlass has a metal blade and a wooden handle,it is not hard to identify,almost everyone have a cutlass in their homes .It is used for clearing bushes and digging holes for seeds to be planted in them.It can be maintained if it is sharpened once after or before use and greased with oil to prevent the metal from rusting.It should be washed after use and dried with a piece of cloth.

2-Watering Can: It can be made of metal or wood,it is usually cylindrical in shape ,it has holes in its mouth ,it is used for watering seeds and plants to keep them alive for them to be able to perform their daily photosynthetic activities,it should be cleaned dry after use.

3-Hoe:It has a metal blade and a wooden handle, its blade has a trapezium shape.It can be used for making ridges and for transplanting,it also serves almost same purpose as the cutlass in weeding of grasses.It should be cleaned after use with water and dried under the sun before keeping it in a dry and cool place.

4-Sickle:The sickle has a wooden short handle and an inverse letter C curved shaped metal blade,it is used mostly for harvesting fruits.It should be lubricated after use to prevent the metal from rusting.

5-Head pan:Head pan is a metal big bowl with handle on the both sides,it is used for gathering harvested crops or it can be used to gather manure.It should be washed and dried after use.


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What is Agriculture? As some of us already know and are familiar with the term Agriculture, it means all the activities involved in the rearing of animals and the cultivation of Crops for human benefits or consumption.
Agriculture has made the whole world to flow in an easy way, as it is one of the early ages of how man involves himself to survive (feed - survival of the fittest). The early men, according to what was taught in our schools and colleges, were made to go hunting. The main reason human beings move from one place to another, all evolves down to food.
There are various importance of Agriculture. They include the following.
1. Source of Food. As earlier stated and clearly justified, the major importance of Agriculture is to quench hunger.
2. Source of Income and revenue. Due to Agriculture, there is a need to generate more income and revenue based on inputs in the farm, by farmers and people specialized in the agricultural field/industry.
3. Provisions of Jobs. As the need for source of income, so is the need for people to dive into the field of Agriculture to benefit from it.
There are numerous importance of Agriculture, but the few most important ones have been stated in my humble opinion above.
As a high number of us already know, there are two types of Agriculture.
The subsistence Agriculture, which is mainly for the benefit of a single person(farmer or agricultural expert). The person is the sole owner of the farm and animal rearing just for only his/her need.
On the other hand, there is what is called Commercial agricultural Farming, which involves the rearing of animals and cultivation of crops, mainly for business purposes. Here the owner of the business can employ people to work for or under him and then sell the needed Agricultural essentials to the public market.
Agriculture is one of many essentials in Life.

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   Re: Agriculture by: Obajichi(f) .:. Thu, 08 Oct, 2020 - 08:23:25:am GMT

I'm one of those who later grew to love agriculture because unfortunately I lacked interest in it as a young child.

May be because I was born in the city.
One major thing I have always loved about it, is the gardening aspect.
I have great love for flowers.

Right now, I've come to place so much value & interest in it because I married an Agriculturist.
I see the importance of it to us as individuals & a nation.
I'm still a baby in the agriculture sector.

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   Re: Agriculture by: Obajichi(f) .:. Thu, 08 Oct, 2020 - 08:23:37:am GMT

I'm one of those who later grew to love agriculture because unfortunately I lacked interest in it as a young child.

May be because I was born in the city.
One major thing I have always loved about it, is the gardening aspect.
I have great love for flowers.

Right now, I've come to place so much value & interest in it because I married an Agriculturist.
I see the importance of it to us as individuals & a nation.
I'm still a baby in the agriculture sector.

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   Re: Agriculture by: Vickybrown(m) .:. Fri, 09 Oct, 2020 - 05:03:53:am GMT

Agriculture is the planting of crops and the rearing of animals for human consumption. From this definition youll realise that there are two sides of agriculture, which is the planting of crops and the rearing of animals.

The aspect of agriculture that deals with crops is called Agronomy. Agronomy is the science concerned with the relationship between crops and their environment. While
The aspect of agriculture that deals with animals is called Animal Husbandry. Animal husbandry is the care and management of cattle, sheep, horse etc.
Agriculture has a practice and science has been around for as long as humanity has been on planet earth.

Nigeria has been blessed with a fertile land but Agriculture in Nigeria contributes 5% of the economic goods exported out of Nigeria, while the other 95% of exports is made up of petroleum and petroleum products. That is why the government are having issues with funds in Nigeria. When the government is supposed to focus majorly on agriculture as this would produce more income and revenue for the country on the long run they are focused on petroleum products that yields less compared to the revenue of agricultural products.
The government needs to focus focus more on agriculture as this would help increase the revenue of the country.

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   Re: Agriculture by: Nagiano(m) .:. Fri, 09 Oct, 2020 - 10:35:26:am GMT


Petroleum products did not yield less for Nigeria from time immemorial, as far as I'm concerned, it has been the major backbone of the economy but the problem with Nigeria now is that they made a mistake in depending majorly on petroleum when they were suppose to tap into the other abundant natural resources Nigeria possesses.

Nigeria is also blessed with a fertile land but the type of agricultural practices that are in abundance in Nigeria is subsistence agriculture rather than commercial agriculture. Most of the people into agricultural sectors then do it majorly to feed their families and not to also benefit the nation. This was so because they had no or very minute support from government and only very few people had access to those aids.

But now we have noticed gradual changes in agriculture in Nigeria as a result of the decline in the yield from petroleum these days and this happened because Nigerian government over depended on petroleum without realizing that one day it will deplete.
Government have started giving some aid to agriculture and some of the public are aware while others are not. Even those that are aware of this aids find it difficult to have access to them because some corrupt officials in charge will not want it to get to them, rather they will use it to enrich themselves at the detriment of the farmers and the nation.

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   Re: Agriculture by: Abbey(m) .:. Fri, 09 Oct, 2020 - 05:06:04:pm GMT

Agricultural is very important and essential in the country but the agricultural sector in our own country is not encouraging farmers are the ones producing food for the citizen of the country if there is no farmers there won't be food to eat.

Our agricultural sector have to be equipped with so many amenities in order for the farmers to carry out their work effectively, the farmer of the country are suffering Let take for instance the cattle reares they will take all their cattle to another person farm land and the cattle will eat all the farm products on the farm land.
There are some people who won't to engage in agriculture but they did not have enough fund to carry out the operation government has to assist the farmer in carrying out activities in the country,how can the agricultural sector improve Firstly when the farmers get fund from government, by provision of equipment such as tractors, bulldozer and catapillers for the farmers, provision of agricultural extention programs for the farmer in which this will enlightened the farmers on how to get things done and perfect, provision of enough land there is not enough land for the farmer if there is enough land they will be able to cultivate more and large.

**Abbey **

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   Re: Agriculture by: Wisemamsam(m) .:. Sat, 10 Oct, 2020 - 04:14:50:pm GMT

It is so pathetic how the Nigeria government have decided to pay liitle attention to agriculture and it development in Nigeria.

It is so tragic how that the government have decided to channel major aspect of their resources and energy into the oil sector.

I tell you the truth, if Nigeria can divert 45% to 50% of if finances, resources and energy we would have been among the top countries In times of domestic and crop production.
By Agriculture i mean the planting of crops and rearing of animals. Agriculture will go a long way in helping the Nigeria economy and reducing the rate of poverty and hunger in Nigeria.
Take for instance if our Nigeria farmers are given modern education and they are professionally trained they will be motivated to produce good product that will better the nation at large.

Furthermore, if our Nigeria farmers are financially empowered with either loans or giving grant they will in no doubt increase the efficiency in the agricultural sector.
The agrucultural sector can contribute to 30% growth in the Nigeria economy GDP. Once Nigeria decide to give more attention to this sector, we will in short time become one of the most efficient nation in terms of agriculture.Thank you.

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   Re: Agriculture by: ObakaEmmanuel(m) .:. Sat, 10 Oct, 2020 - 06:00:32:pm GMT

@Wisemamsam: yes. Since the discovery of crude oil in the country, the place of agriculture have totally been abandon. Before Nigeria was the largest oil palm producing country. And even up till now Nigeria dynasty is still in always akwa ibom. Of course the state is the leading state in oil palm production in Nigeria.

From one of the course we offered then, we were told currently that Malaysia is the leading country where they have used oil as a means of generating income on to the country.

So if Malaysia who have gotten this oil from us can make good use of it and now the best. Why can't we make use of it. Like federal government investing in oil palm production instead of focusing on oil palm.

See the Nigeria cocoa is the largest exported economic plant in Nigeria but the government are not doing anything to improve the production. How won't the economy of the country be in jeopardy when their focus is only on the oil money.


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   Re: Agriculture by: Joyodishika247(f) .:. Sat, 31 Oct, 2020 - 12:46:03:am GMT

Agriculture is often defined by many people as the cultivation of the land. This definition is coined from two latin words,
'ager', meaning land and cultural, meaning cultivation. However, this is a very narrow view about what agriculture actually means.
In a broad sense, agriculture is defined as the sum total of all the activities concerned with
the production of useful plants and animals and their products for man's use.

Agriculture is one of the oldest and most important occupations of mankind. It supplies the three basic human needs food, clothing and shelter, and as long as man must eat to
live, agriculture will continue to be a basic human activity, no matter the number of people that may eventually be involved.

As a science, it deals with the systematic study of plants and animals lives in their
environment and seeks to provide suitable natural conditions for them so as to produce the best quality products which are used directly or indirectly by man.

Nowadays agriculture is seen as an industry which is patronised by everybody. It embraces more than just farming. Farming is that part of the industry where land is Cultivated and plants and animals are produced. Agriculture includes farming as
well as the application of basic scientific knowledge for better production, processing and marketing of farm products.

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   Re: Agriculture by: Joyodishika247(f) .:. Sat, 31 Oct, 2020 - 12:59:54:am GMT


Besides providing the three basic necessities of life, agricultural products are used for making medicines to cure man of his iliness. For example, the leaves and roots of certain plants and the bark of some trees are used for preparing medicines. These include lemon grass, eucalyptus, neem tree or Dogon-Yaro, Calabar bean etc.

Agriculture also plays an important role in the social, cultural and religious life of man. Some animals such as cattle, goats, sheep and chickens are slaughtered during festivals while others are used for religious sacrifices. Dogs are used for worshipping Ogun- the god of iron, and ram is used during muslim festivals. Kolanuts play a special role in the traditional life of man.

For example, it is customary in almost all Nigerian tribes to present kolanuts during marriage ceremonies and other Similar occasions.

There is a common saying that "he who brings kolanuts brings life." Therefore, in most cases, kolanuts are accepted rather than being rejected when presented to persons in most parts of the country.

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   Re: Agriculture by: Joyodishika247(f) .:. Sat, 31 Oct, 2020 - 01:12:45:am GMT


Agriculture is one of the most important human activity all over the world. It is of great importance to man because it provides him with the three basic necessities of life - food, shelter and clothing.


Man needs food for growth and body repairs, energy to carry out his daily activities and maintenance of good health. He depends on plants and animals for his food. This shows that agriculture provides all the food items needed by man and without agriculture, it will be very difficult to feed the people in a country.

The major problem of many African countries today is how to produce enough food to Teed their growing population. The problem is so serious in Some countries that shortage of food has given rise to famine and starvation.


Agriculture provides man with the basic materials needed for the construction of his home. These materials include timber, leaves and thatch from grasses and palm fronds.

The early settlers used these materials for the construction of their huts. Even today, the materials are still being used in the rural areas of Nigeria and other West African Countries. Shelter is needed to protect us from harsh weather Conditions Such as extreme heat and cold, Wind and rain.

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   Re: Agriculture by: Joyodishika247(f) .:. Sat, 31 Oct, 2020 - 01:29:19:am GMT


Agriculture provides employment for many people in most African countries. Majority of these people are engaged as farming which is important for producing food to feed the nation. In Nigeria, the estimate is about 70%, in Ghana 60% and in
Togo 85%.

However, countries like America, Australia and England, only about 6%-10% of the population is engaged in agriculture

Agriculture provides raw materials for our local industries. These include cotton for textile mills, hides and skins for shoe and bag factories, wheat for flour mills, timber for sawmills and furniture industries. vegetable and palm oil for soap and margarine making.

Industries, cocoa and coffee for beverage making. and sugarcane for sugar manufacturing industries. This shows that most of the existing industries in Nigeria today depend on agricultural raw materials for their survival.

When a country produces more than enough for her focal needs, the surplus can be exported to increase the foreign exchange earnings. Many African countries depend on the export of agricultural products for their foreign exchange. The main export crops of Nigeria are palm produce, (palm oil and palm kernel). cocoa rubber, cotton, ground nuts.

If Nigeria sells these cash crops to other countries, then she can get some foreign currency with which to buy other items not produced in Nigeria, e.g. generators, car engines, electronics etc.

Agriculture provides the largest contribution to the national income.

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   Re: Agriculture by: Joyodishika247(f) .:. Sat, 31 Oct, 2020 - 01:40:21:am GMT


The history of agriculture is as old as man. The early men lived by gathering wild fruits and hunting wild animals, as they moved from place to place.

The type and quantity available at the time required was irregular, and subject to the prevailing climatic Conditions and luck. They Continued with this nomadic life until large population of the families and properties necessitated the building of huts.

Thus the early man changed from his nomadic way of life to a settled life. Agriculture started by accident about 15,000 years ago when the early man learnt how to grow crops and domesticate animals in order to get enough to eat.

Different crops and animals originated from different parts of the world but are spread to other countries by the early missionaries, explorers and traders.

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