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It was a sisters' interdenominational seminar, and the crux of the occasion was all about marriage issues. The sisters, who were in attendance, were comprised of the young singles like myself. They were singles, but marriageable enough You will understand Just read to the last word.

When I came across the advert on Facebook regarding "How to get him to propose", I initially thought it could be an advert for the singles who were marriageable, but I later called one of the contacts placed in the adverts for enquiries and was enlightened. I prayed and prepared for the seminar and invited sisters on social media platforms..

However,I decided to learn and not talk in that programme. These were issues regarding marriage and I just wanted to learn,nothing more.

Even when the sister who sat beside me initiated a conversation to support or oppose what the coordinator,a pastor's wife and medical doctor said, I didn't say a word , I only chuckled,smiled and staggered in laughter where necessary. I wonder why some people are like that_instead of listening when more experienced people speak,they talk and talk. Lol.

She later noticed I wasn't doing all that as a result of what she was saying, but as a result of the introduction and welcome speech from this beautiful woman I had fallen in love with,so she closed up. I was grateful,after all. How she kept talking when I wasn't looking surprised me my eyes were glued to this new found love of mine. How did she do that!

If the introduction could make me open my eyes,ears and mind like this,what would real talks be like, I thought. I hope my head will not explode here o. I adjusted my eye glasses,collected my pen and jotter from my bag and the scribbling was just like magic I made sure no important point was missed out. My new friend and the sister who sat to my other side could not help but stare at my fast pace of writing. I didn't care so far I was not disturbed.

The introduction ended and we came to an interactive session which was led by another pastor's wife, a professor in one of the federal universities in Nigeria.

The programme was organized by big people in Christ and society .I smiled to myself this is the session that got me right inside my bones. I could not hold back the laughter as some sisters expressed themselves in answers to the questions being asked.

It wasn't just interactive session, it was more of questions and answers. I discovered that some so called engaged sisters lacked orientations as regards marriage Imagine sisters whose wedding Invitation cards are out already knowing just the spiritual aspect of marriage. They only know little or nothing about the financial, social,physical and sexual part of it.
It was all funny to me.

Instead of sitting and listening to learn from others ,they stood to expose their little secrets .After all,no one was forced to reply the questions posed by the mummies in the house, I didn't understand why people love to create awareness unnecessarily even when the answers were supposed to be given voluntarily.

The panel of christian mothers and wives posed questions on and on while the sisters threw back answers before professor(Mrs) corrected or consented and passed it on to the panel.

The air smelt of jubilation. Elation filled the faces of everyone in the hall. There was no room for frowning at all.

These mummies were doing a great job.
They talked with all sense of humour,demonstrating and practicalizing you would have thought we were at a cinema. All was just like a very interesting movie,you dare not turn away for a second.

Even my new friend could not converse again like in the time of Introduction. At some points,we shouted in jubilation and at another time we were reeling in laughter. Even the sisters who barely find solace in laughing couldn't hold back their laughter they laughed intermittently until their eyes watered.

These women were just the best that I fell in love with them in that programme. You wouldn't believe that I approached them one after the other and received their whatsapp's contacts at the end of the programme even though many of them were too busy for social media. Good people are not easy to come by, I told myself.

Then came a question from professor (Mrs) herself. I was still scribbling in my jotter my hand could not just stop. These are things some people pay for and I was getting it for free. I dare not refuse to write.

"What are the things you consider a standard in the man you want to marry?".

When she asked this,I knew in my mind that this question could be beautifully answered by the engaged because they're halfly hooked and experienced. But then,I thought they couldn't change anything again the standard they desire in them are already known. Whether it is what they desire or not,they're hooked. They can only pray. The young singles and marriageable singles should thank God for attending a programme like this before getting hooked up. I was loving this.

Hands were raised. Chai ! Today na Today. Pens were firmly in hands. Satisfaction showed on faces.

Oh my God! I wasn't left out. I grinned from ear to ear as the answers came. I thought the first person called would ask that the question be broken down but I was wrong,she opened the floor for replies o.

" He must have the nine fruits of the spirit" Everyone clapped. I took note.

"When he obeys God's commandments, he'll definitely love me"

" I can't definitely marry an insensitive brother. He must be caring and romantic "

"He must have good character"
I began to wonder if that is all it takes to be a good husband when everyone who stood dropped a point or two and sat back.

Most of them were inexperienced singles who hardly attend marriage seminars like myself,anyways.

" He must be in the same faith as mine"
Our mummies just added where necessary I guessed the sisters were all on point with their answers.

" He must be purpose and vision-driven"

" I can't marry a man who attends any white garment church " Funnily enough, The mummies in the house contended with her,carefully expatiating as regards 'same faith'. I smiled.

" I can't marry a Catholic man" It was more of a question than a statement. She wanted Prof and members of the panel to shed more light. They stood on 'same faith' ground again. I smiled. I was loving this.

"My man must know how to cook more than myself and he must be neat" Laughter everywhere! I fell from the chair actually.

" He must be social in Christ " I have yet to understand this one but I stood my ground not to ask any question. Iyanu,you're here to learn. Just listen, I reminded myself.

"A man that wants my progress"

"He should not be the one who drinks to stupor"

There,prof quickly corrected her."A man that drinks will not take care of his wife and children. Don't even consider drinking at all" " wine is a mocker...." " kings are not to drink wine" Hmmmm so those who drink wine are servants, I took note.

" Godfearing but romantic and must love to play" I don't understand that play part. Is it "bokoboko","bojuboju" or "who's in the garden?"lol

"He must not be pompous"

"There must be chemistry"

"Must be soft and firm"

"He must not be secretive"

"A man that can firmly defend me anywhere"

"The love from him to me must be greater. Else,I won't say yes" Many things were explained here.

This point was very important because every mummy in the house said something on this point but I'm only sharing this_God is love. Hallelujah! lol

"Must be strongly opinionated,stable,stick to his decisions" Well,those are men's standard.

"He must not be violent"

"I must be convinced he's the one"

"He must be a Christian" Who will marry a pagan before.
Virtually everyone smiled at least.

Then a hand went up. Professor called her to speak just when we thought it was over . There was silence that even if a pin dropped,the sound would be heard. Anticipation showed on faces. So she confidently stood and said" I can't marry a 'spirikoko' brother " Eyes opened wide in bewilderment.

Silence everywhere. My pen hanged in the air. I couldn't believe what I just heard. That small still voice whispered " You're at the wrong place if the leaders contend with what she said" I was vividly shocked.

Who then does she want to marry? A devilish or satanic brother? Will the mummies consent? Will they spoil the fun that had started since with a little injustice? Ah! Many sisters would be misled. I nurtured those thoughts. What does she mean? The holy spirit is right. Perhaps this would be my first and last time in this annual programme. I just hope......

It was as if professor was in the spirit with me because she had to pause to ask her a question that popped out of my head. " kindly expatiate,please. What exactly is your point?" She was astonished too,so were the members of the panel. "I meant that my man must not be too spiritual as that may make him fail in some of his responsibilities in the marriage. He should be Godfearing but not spirikoko" The lady confidently said.

"Oh I now understand better. You see, being spirikoko is allowed in christianity,infact you must be "spirikoko".
If he's Godfearing like you said, he will definitely be spiritual. The two go together. My dear,the scripture is complete" I smiled at her use of the lady's word 'spirikoko'." The kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violence takes it by force. Radicalism is needed to make heaven. Lukewarmness should not be found in a Christian. If you're a Christian then you should be spiritual,not partially but totally".

If you see how I was blowing this wonderful woman kisses ehn. My love for her grew ehn. She wasnt through o.

"We might be blunt under the influence of anointing on pulpits but trust me we have 'mumu bottons' too.Ask our spouses." I smiled at the professor's sincerity and took note.

"Yes We are 'spirikoko' but that doesn't affect our sexual,economical,financial and other aspects of our lives. We don't fail in our responsibilities cos we have got God to help us. Our sole aim is to make heaven so we must be 'spirikoko' " If you see clap from all angles in the hall ehn.

I will attend the programme again and again and again and again.

Even when I get married, I will beg the conveners to allow myself and hubby just to sit and listen. My heart leapt for joy as the panel members chipped in many things. I didn't want the programme to end.

Christians,brothers,sisters,mummies, daddies, listen to this If you're not ' spirikoko',you're the only one in that category. We have left you there.

"Hello one two. Microphone Testing. Tell your neighbour 'If you're not spirikoko ,you're the only one in that category 'cos we have left you there' .

Tell him very well. He can't hear you."Be spirikoko for Christ".
Oya share to all Christians especially sisters on your list if you're blessed.

P.S: The story you just read is a work of fiction. Always remember God's will for your life is very important,you should not marry just any Christian.

God bless us.

**blessed child**

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Re: *A MUST READ* (SPIRIKOKO BROTHER). by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Tue, 12 Feb, 2019 - 03:22:15:am GMT

In my mind obviously I don't believe in anything called spirikokoā€¯ the term in itself doesn't exist for me as it is not a word but I get where you're driving at, you see instead of using the term spirikoko brother, I prefer to use the term religious brother because as a Christian there's no such thing as being too spiritual, Bible says in Rom 8:6 Paul speaking for to be carnally minded is dead but to be spiritually minded is life and peace, meaning that you only have two categories of people spiritual and carnal in other words spiritual and not spiritual, to take it further it also could belivers an non-believers. So if someone will just carry bible without a personal and committed relationship with God that's effective and effectual, yes as a lady I can't marry him, it's not about sex or what, some people call them Christians and they are the ones who criticize a lot, what to wear, make up, clothes, if you wear bangles or long ear rings, if you fry your hair as a guy or keep Afro, they go about talking shit but male and female, they even judge you by giving you this funny look but who cares? Thank God they are not God, to win soul in to the body of Christ is a problem to them that all their 50 plus years of serving God they can't boast of one convert, how could they when they go about criticizing people, when even Jesus Christ Himself didn't criticize anybody, so for me those kind of people I can't marry them and will never have anything to do with them, because they are destiny killers and wolves in sheep clothing's. Their life is boring and Christianity isn't boring, it's a life of fun, peace, joy and blessedness, a life full of bliss!!! So I am with the sister maybe she didn't use the right words but I understand her perfectly well!!! All this rubbish criticism must stop, if Jesus was criticized by his own disciples for allow a Mary Mardalene kissing his feet and breaking an Alabasta box and pouring the oil on Him, who are we not to be criticized, being with Christ is not knowing who Christ is, going to church doesn't mean you have a relationship with him, some go to church to find faults like I can see in this story and this sister is brave enough to speak her mind!!! I will just stop here because I believe I have communicated my point and my own opinion

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Re: *A MUST READ* (SPIRIKOKO BROTHER). by: Velisa(f) .:. Wed, 12 Jun, 2019 - 05:13:24:pm GMT

@Gooddypye: There are lot of Christians today, I call wolves under sheeps clothing. Many have forgotten the body of Christ. They are only pretending like they are true believers.

They are many in the church. They are always the first to get to church but yet inside of them, they are far from God.

Brothers, listen to me... Not every sister you see in church are born again. Many had aborted lots of pregnancy just to keep maintaining that post in church and avoid shame.

Many are church goers, some, if they don't go, they won't find a man to marry them. Their bad attitudes pursues men from them so, they feel the best way to get a man is to be committed in church.

Dear sisters, listen to me... 70% of guys in church are non believers. They are committed because for them to be able to marry that famous sister in church is by committing themselves to it.

Some go to church to show off their expensive cars and wears.

Some go because they feel going to church is important as a Christian.

It is until you go into their life, you will know who they are.


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