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  1. Zen Cart: Originally a fork of osCommerce, ZenCart differs in that it comes with a variety of templates for users to choose from right out of the box.
  2. Frugal Commerce: Obviously built around the CMS that bears its name, Drupal Commerce features a long list of third party extensions to support a variety of payment processors.
  3. VirtueMart(Jooomla extension): Offered as a Joomla extension, VirtueMart has been around for more than a decade and is the most used Joomla e-commerce solution.
  4. Spree Commerce: Built to be modular, Spree Commerce allows you to configure, supplement or replace functionality in order to create the exact storefront you desire.
  5. Datawrapper: Creates data visualizations that are fully mobile responsive. Supports a variety of tables, maps, and charts,
  6. Chart. js: A JavaScript based charting app. Chart.js offers the ability to create animated charts while also generating charts that are mobile responsive.
  7. Charted: Creates charts automatically from a .csv file or from a Google spreadsheet. Charted automatically generates simple line charts and stacked column charts.
  8. Draw. io: A relatively simple diagramming tool. allows you to save diagrams directly to Google Drive, GitHub, Dropbox, OneDrive or the device of your choice.
  9. HighCharts: HighCharts provides JavaScript-based interactive charts for the web. Used by an impressive range of clientele, including Twitter and Facebook.
  10. D3: Using HTML, CSS, and SVG, D3 is a JavaScript library for visually manipulating documents based on data.
  11. Firefox: Easily the most used open-source web browser. Mozilla Firefox is a full-featured browser built with efficiency and privacy in mind.
  12. Chromium: The Chromium project was started by Google in order to provide source code for the proprietary Chrome browser. Chromium shares many of the same features.
  13. Brave: Brave blocks ads and tracking pixels. It speeds up your browsing experience while attempting to overhaul the relationship between publishers, advertisers, and end users.
  14. Pale Moon: Pale Moon is a Firefox fork focusing on efficiency and ease of use.
  15. QupZilla: Built on the QtWebEngine, QupZilla is extremely fast and provides all of the standards features you would expect from a web browser
  16. GNOME Web: Previously known as "Epiphany". GNOME Web is part of the GNOME core applications.
  17. Netsurf: Netsurf strives for complete compliance with modern web standards in order to provide a seamless experience for end users. It's lightweight and fast.
  18. GNUCash: A robust personal and small business accounting application. GNUCash allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, send invoices, and generate detailed visual reports among many other features.
  19. Open Bravo: More than just accounting, OpenBravo is a full-on enterprise resource planning system that allows you to integrate everything from a store with inventory to sales, quotes and invoicing.
  20. Odoo: While it does track sales, offer invoicing, and provide detailed reporting, Odoo also features operations management, productivity tools and even a website builder.

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