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Sanitation and Waste Management are two popular areas where Nigeria is lacking behind seriously. However, it was shocking as WaterAid reveals that 112 millian Nigerians do not have toilets. In Commemoration of the World Toilet Day, aimed at educating people on the need to have good toilets to enhance sanitation and health of the people, Water Aid an International Non-governmental organization made their findings public in a briefing tagged "Living in a Fragile World: The Impact of Climate Change on the Sanitization Crises"

Absence of good toilets and sewage system increases the chances of feaces contaminating ground water or end up in rivers, polluting the main sources of water in many communities across Nigerians. This is not surprising as Nigeria also ranks high as one of the nations where open defecation is rampant. The government should not throw its face on the other side as this revelation calls for actionable steps and measures that should be introduce to help forestall this menace. The Ministry of health also has a great task before it as sensitization and educational programs on the dangers of open defecation, lack of good toilets and poor sewage system and its implication on individual, community and national health.

The youths are at the end as must of the people perpetrating these acts are young illiterate and semi-literate. The lack of infrastructure like clean and accessible public toilets is also important and must be given critical attention by government. Most of the public toilets in Nigeria are poorly managed and hot spots for people to get toilet infections. This is one of the reasons why people run away from them.

Do you have acess to good toilets in your area?

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   Re: 112 Million Nigerians Do Not Have Toilets... WaterAid by: Chamak(f) .:. Fri, 20 Nov, 2020 - 07:54:06:pm GMT

Having toilet in Nigeria is one thing and having a good toilet is another case on it's own. Then not even having toilets at all is the most rampant case in Nigeria. I even doubt if the stats of 112 million not having toilets is precise. This situation like the write up insights has led to pollution of land and water sources in the country.

For example, a case study as regards this toilet issue can be MAKOKO area at YABA in Lagos state. If any of you live in Lagos here you can actually testify to the issue of water pollution through dedication in river especially when passing through THIRD MAINLAND BRIDGE. Everytime I'm passing through that bridge I must see a minimum of ten people dedicating inside the river and the major reason is because majority of them don't even have house talk more of their own toilet.

Judging from the position of Nigeria being among the poverty capital of the world, we shouldn't be surprised that a large amount of people don't have toilets. And I'm very sure that if a survey is carried out to determine the number of people who don't have good good toilets, the stats will be as alarming as this.

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