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One of the attribute of someone running in a race which I've also found excellent is focus. A person running a race is always focused. You don't run in a race and while you are running. You are as well looking back if the competitors are not behind him. No! You remain focused. That means you don't have to look or listen to what others are saying or doing or how they Are improving to know how faster or better you would run. You remain focus cause once you keep looking back, you might slip and fall of even hit your feet on a rock or block. That is you don't have to care about how those people become rich,
You don't have to care about how they buy expensive cars, clothes e.t.c. all you need to do is be focus on your lane. Not minding the rest. Not minding how fast their race is. Life is not about competition but rather about determination. You need to be determined that once how pick your exes.

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The second attribute of someone running a race is that: if you watch well you will notice a racer does not talk while running. That is they kill their attention to people. They might hear but they don't place their mind over such things. So, also it should be: you are not meant to listen to what people are saying, though when they talk you will surely hear but don't let it be a distraction to you. But there is something you should know, if a racer is running out of lane, he would surely hear when people will say you are going out of lane and he/she knowing very well that he's out of lane will try to maintain its lane or she's out of lane will try to maintain her lane back. So, it should be when you hear people say something about you and you know the right one you are been said about try to amend: cause that will actually help you
Don't listen to those laughing at you, all you need is to focus on your dream. Your today might not be good but tomorrow will be better. That should be your determination .You ignore those people telling you to go and learn a skill and forget about education, since you are always having carry overs,repeatation. You can still make it
You can still be that person you want to be. Put more effort in your study. Study to show yourself approved. Stress your brain, cause your brain needs to be stressed. So, you don't really have to give up.


A racer would always beat his/her thought, that is you don't carry worries when running a race. You need to take away those worries. You are on the lane already, all you need now is to focus: wipe everything troubling your mind away. So, you won't be distracted. You don't have to start thinking. "Once I don't win this race, what will happen?"No, this is not time to think but time to be determined, time to be focused, not a time to worry. So, when are trying something you've done before and failed. Don't think of that failure. Think of what you can do better this time. Think of what you can produce this time. Use the mistake of the other failed ones as an experience to make a better one. You are not a failure until you stop trying. The moment you no more try. Then you are tag a failure. You attempted but you failed. Then you become a loser. You don't have to mind how far you've gone and you failed. Start gain. Start all over. Beat those thoughts that you can't make it again. Beat those thoughts that you are just wasting your time. Beat those thoughts that you are a loser. No... This is not time to think. This is not time to worry. Worry add no value to life. It will only weigh you down. Make you frustrated and depressed. It will make you see yourself as nothing. It will make you see death as the only solution to your problem. It will only make you feel God hates you. It will only make you feel everybody hates you. Worries are the devices of the devil and be be careful of the devices of the devil. The Bible warned us. So, stop worries and put more effort. See what you can do better this time and not what you failed.

**Gooddypye **

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Another thing to learn is that,people running in a race don't put on weightful clothes. They put on tight, and flexible clothes. Now, what I'm trying to say is avoid big and weightful clothes, they will weigh you down, or someone behind you might just hold on to the big clothes you are putting on while running and pull you back. Those clothes in understanding of this is pride, ego, lies. Once you put on pride,it prevent you from getting to the final, like I said earlier someone behind might just pull you backward with those prides, ego and lies you are wearing. It will make you not to succeed. Pride will not allow your helpers to help you. You might see situation where someone wants to help you and your character becomes a barrier to the person. You always feel you know better, whereas you know nothing. Because you are full of pride and characters that are not encouraging. 1 Peter 5:5b says, and be clothed with humility, for God resisteth the proud and given grace unto the humble.
If God who love the world so much, who love you so much and gave his only begotten son to die for your sins. If he can resist a prideful person. How much then is a man, full of wickedness, covetousness, envy and jealousy .That is to say, prise is something you should never hold on to. It will be an hindrance to your success. If you are the type full of pride, you need to start overcoming it now, cause it is one of the things hindering success. Believe it or not. Pride always bring failure. You don't wear big clothes to run a race. You put on flexible tight clothes. So, you don't get weigh down by the weight. Or pulled down by a wicked competitor.


Another attribute of a racer is faith, you could see that you want to run a marathon race, all you need is to have faith that you can make it. Those running a race only have the faith they can that's why they join. You might have tried severally and failed but as long as you have the opportunity again. You have to try again. You have to put more effort this time. You need to have faith that you can. You need to see yourself making it this time
Your faith determines where you will get to. The story of the woman with the issue of blood in the Bible in Matthew 9:20-22, it gives a real evidence of faith. The woman had been in that condition for twelve years. Just imagined what she could have passed through for twelve years. How many attempts she must have made. She might have visited different places, gone to different hospitals, her families might have abandoned her, even her husband, cause the Bible never recorded any history about her family or relatives. Neither was in mentioned any of her family members was there. She might have been seen as Someone who can't overcome that situation anymore. She might have been dispersed by people. But her faith after twelve years made her whole again. I don't know how many years you have been in that condition ,how many times you have tried, but you always fail. But the good news is that your faith can make you get that thing. She might have passed through a lot for that twelve years. Do you know that in that twelve years, many people have built mansions, houses, got married, bought vehicles, become richer, given birth and yet she was spending all her days cleaning herself of her non stop blood. And am sure you know Jesus has been even before she met her. She must have been hearing of him till that day she decided to use her faith. Take your faith and move. If you are in any situation and you are just stable. You are the one delaying yourself. Until you take a step of faith, you can't leave that situation .This woman had been in existence but until she took a step of faith before she was made whole.
The bible says in Matthew 9:21,that she said to herself. If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole....
Look at that statement of faith. When she knows it won't be easy for her pushing through the crowds. Some will thrust her down. Some will step on her. Some will curse her. Some will push her away. Yeah! Those are the hindrances. Those are what people will do to you. Those are what will happen to you. You will face so much difficulties just to get to where you are going. But all you need to have is your faith. Jesus said in Mathew 17:20,that if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall move mountains.... And nothing shall be impossible for you.
That is for you to know how powerful your faith is. . A racer run with faith believing he can make iy
Nobody knows what might happen along the way not even himself/herself but all he/she had is faith, to make it through. Some will slip and fall along the way. But faith matters a lot. And in having faith, have your work. Faith without work is dead... James 2:17. Once you have faith and you didnt join in the race, tell me how will you win? It is when you have faith and join in the race, you believe you will win. If you have faith and you are not involving yourself into anything. You are not working. And you are expecting God to bless you. Then you remain unproductive. The woman strive to see that she touch Jesus garment. Strive also to see that you get what you want.

**Gooddypye **

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@Gooddypye: Without emphasizing much a faith, we all know that faith is powerful. I would say faith is a gift from God. It takes a courageous heart to have faith. Some people so much lack faith. They can do anything but don't have faith in anything. What they see presently Is what they can be assured of. I don't really blame them. I feel they don't have the gift. But it is very good is we all have faith. Faith gives assurance. And it isn't good too if we have faith without doing anything that can bring our hope to pass. You must work along with your faith. Faith without work is dead.


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One thing you have to learn from running a race is beginning strong and finishing strong, because I noticed that not everyone who begins a race finishes it, and just like an athlete you don't need to focus on your critics, because focusing on your critics means that you will loose track and not run well, in the same light you don't need to focus on those cheering you on, like come on bro you can do it, don't focus on those giving you thumbs up, if you do so you will also loose track, life is a race and a sweet one at that, how you run it is solely dependent on you, but these are some of the things you need to run a race, self belief: self belief is trusting in your ability to achieve your target, because if you don't have absolute confidence in yourself, you can't run the race well and therefore you can't win, another thing is commitment: this is close to self belief but in this case it's is sacrifice that might necessarily not be enjoyable but you are willing to make it to meet your target, like for example if you want to be the best footballer in the world, and your team trains twice a day you can decide to do your own personal training and add another two times, meaning you now train four times a day, it's not going to be easy but it's worth it, depending in what you're pursuing, then another thing to consider is association: a sports man or an athlete should be mostly surrounded with sports people or read sports articles and follow the principles, this might look kind of odd but it's very important, you can't have a dream to become a surgeon and your core friends who make up your inner circle are bankers or lawyers, don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong in having a banker or lawyer as a friend but as a surgeon the people who you should relate with more are people who are in your field or a field close to yours, so that they can inspire you and motivate you in running your race, because no man is an island and we don't know it all!!! And the things we learn from friends stick more with us than the things we learn in school!!!

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Running a race can be very difficult at times but we've got to learn that we there's a prize we are looking up to, if your hunger for success outweighs your fear for failure then you're on track to succeed, then you need to have the attitude of a winner, when you compete you don't compete to be the best you compete as the best, if you have the attitude of you being a winner then success is already yours, then determination, as a person running a race for you to achieve your dreams and vision in any field you're venturing in, you need to be determined, by doing beyond the norm, you have to add extra in your race, give more time, more attention, being consistent, there's no day you say you want to rest, you're never satisfied or comfortable, you give more, as long as you willing to pay the price then you will achieve the ultimate prize!!!

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