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Properties/Estates » HOW DO WE COPE WITH HOUSING DEFICIT IN LAGOS? by: Obajichi(f) .:. Tue, 22 Nov, 2022 - 10:16:23:am GMT
Lagos is sure not the largest state in Nigeria, but it certainly is the most populated state in the country.

Accommodation/ shelter is an important aspect of human life. It's a necessity that requires attention for any human to c👎exist with others.

If one is thinking of relocating to Lagos, then you must put housing into consideration.

One would think that with the Commercial reals estate activities in Lagos, housing deficit should be at least minimal.

Lagos has not been able to meet up to 50% of her formal housing demand especially in terms of renting standard apartments.

Whether it's buying a house or renting an apartment in Lagos, some things must be considered like:

1) Location- Distance between your place of work and where you intend to get an accommodation must be considered.
Lagos has developed to become a very stressful place, hence commuting is very difficult too. Proximity to children's schools, market places and the road is worth considering.

2Budget is important as well- Budget at hand also determines choice locations . Some rents are so exorbitant that it'd drain your pocket after paying for just a year or two.
Don't forget that transport fare to your work place is important too.
You may also need extra budget to renovate the shelter.

3) Amenities in the neighborhood- This is in terms of electricity supply ( find out if your metre will be prepaid or analogue driven) access to clean water, security and serenity in the environment is necessary too.

The harsh economy is not making things easy for the masses, yet we must be sheltered.

What other things do we need to know to help us cope with housing deficit in Lagos?

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Re: HOW DO WE COPE WITH HOUSING DEFICIT IN LAGOS? by: Florida(f) .:. Tue, 22 Nov, 2022 - 07:28:02:pm GMT

You have really spoken well. Lagos housing is another case on it's own. You have to consider so much of factors before renting an apartment in Lagos. If you rent a house so far to your work place that you spend almost all your salary on transportation, then you should know you might eventually be in debt that way. The only case that should occur in Lagos is if you are the owner of the house yourself.

You should consider your pocket before going for an apartment too. Can you afford it yearly? Can you save towards it? So you have to go for an apartment that is pocket friendly to you.

You should also consider the basic amenities of the house such as water, light, safety/security. Do they have water in the house? Is there light? Is it prepaid or direct light? Is the society safe? Do they record cases of armedrobbery and rape often? Do they have security in the community? So all this have to be looked into before opting for an apartment to stay in Lagos. Lagos is a survival for the fittest place o.
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