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*Hi guys I found this short very educating, and I want All the ladies in these group to please read it*



David picked up his phone and called Margret (the lady he wants to marry)

"Hello! Margret, am in my family house now. You can come over let me introduce you to my mum."

Margret was happy, she jumped on her bed.

*"Is your mum at home now?"*

She asked with a lot of excitement. Trusting that David's mum will accept such a beautiful girl like her.

"She went to the market in town but she will be back shortly. Please hurry up and come over."

She threw her phone on the bed, picked up her towel and rushed to her bathroom.


She was seated in a bus. The bus conductor was still calling for more passengers.

A woman in her mid fifties walked in to the bus.

*"please my daughter let me sit close to the door while you shift in because of my load, please" said the woman.*

Margaret replied
*"Madam abeg no disturb me oh, I first you enter this bus oh. If you no fit sit down for inside you better go find another bus."*

The mid fifty woman felt embarrassed, but she didn't utter any more words.
She squeezed herself in and sat down quietly.


"Oya make una come down sharp sharp" said the bus conductor.

They've gotten to the final bus stop.

Margret and the woman were standing under the sun waiting for bike.

Suddenly a bike came their way. They both beckoned on the bike man at the same time


The bike man took a reverse and Margaret rushed towards the bike while the woman came behind her.

*"please, my daughter let me enter the bike because of my load, am expecting a guest soon and I have to go and put something on the fire for my visitor please."* Said the woman.

Margaret looked at her angrily and said

*"Madam, them send you come for me this afternoon? Abeg ooo tell them say you no see me oh!"*

She entered the bike and the bike man drove-off to her destination.

She got to David's family house, David gave her a warm embrace.

"I believe my mum will like you, who will reject such a beautiful girl like you?"

Margaret smiled believing David's mum will love her, after all she's a beautiful girl.

They were both seated waiting for David's mum.

David's mum walked into the sitting room, and to her greatest surprise she saw the same lady that spoilt her day sitting on her chair.

"David, what is this mannerless thing doing in my house?"
"Ah! Mum, she's the girl I talked to you about" he protested looking confused.

Margaret was already soaked in shame.
Her hands and toes were already vibrating.

David's mum explained all that happened to her son.
David was so disappointed at Margaret. And that was the end of their relationship.

Margaret soaked her pillows with tears that night, her bad character has destroyed her.

*"Beauty is not enough"*

*With all thine beauty sister add character.*
"Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised." Proverbs 31:30.

**blessed child**

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This is more like it, bible says as a man thinketh in his heart so he is, if you have a beautiful mind you will have a beautiful life because true beauty is in the mind, beauty is not in make ups, it's in what make you up, it what are you made of that's what shows if you're beautiful or not, we have to mind how we react in certain things, and mind our speech, it was possible Margaret was upset at something or at someone before the woman entered the bus and she allowed that anger got the better part of her, she vented her anger on the wrong person and it cost her, her relationship!!! It's not everything that comes to your mind you should say as a guy or a lady, evaluate what you want to say and weigh it to see if it is a right thins to say if it isn't then don't say it, your words are the description of your life, Margaret might actually be a nice girl but she allowed her weakness to control her, it's just a sad story, that's why you must relate with everybody as though they love you, so you won't fall into a mess like this, it takes years to build and it takes less than a minute to destroy, a word they say is enough for the wise.

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Arrogance is so common among ladies, especially the beautiful ones.

The only person they respect is their lover. Even when their mother or father talks to them, they keep strong head.

No matter how respectful you are to your fiance... If you don't respect his mother or your parents, you can't have a good life.

The Bible says.. Honour your mother and father, that thy days may be long.

So, if you want to die early or live a wayward life all through your days on earth, dishonour those who are older than you.

And what are we even saying... Many of this beauty we see nowadays are fake. Make up, pumped breast, artificial hips, artificial eyelashes and hair, artificial skin e.t.c everything now is fake.

How will they have good characters if we can go beyond ordinary to get what is not ours by force.


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   Re: * BEAUTY IS NOT ENOUGH* by: Oluwatomisin(f) .:. Tue, 16 Jun, 2020 - 07:22:11:pm GMT

Beauty is good.. Very very good.. And I can Beauty as one of God's greatest gift. Therefore, our beauty should be used to glorify Abba..

God has given you beauty but it's not enough there are things God expected you to have.. There are some process time.. There's a lot of things you really need to work on..

Firstly, you need to work on your personality as a youndmg woman or young man.. You really need to learn more morals and attitude.. Beauty with a good Character equals a perfect life..

Secondly, you need to work on your careers as a young woman or young man. Having a good degree, masters and Oh.D really makes your beauty attractive. Therefore, work more on your education career, business career and any other career you choose to focus on.

Thirdly, you need to work more on your finances, that really helps you to have standard where ever you finds yourself. Have a stable and good fianances makes you more attractive and it add values to you. Beauty with good finances makes you a Precious Treasure..

In conclusion, beauty is not enough instead work more on every other areas of your life.

**Always put God first **

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   Re: * BEAUTY IS NOT ENOUGH* by: Flat(m) .:. Thu, 18 Jun, 2020 - 08:39:46:am GMT

What then do you have when it is gone, what other things can you give to us, what other things can you use to convince us that you will make an impact, what else can you give us to compliment our life. Without mincing words, your beauty is necessary but it is not a sufficient condition for us to put our life into your custody. You see, the whole of your beauty is less important when you lack character, when your way if talking to people, both old and young is nothing to write about, my dear, your beauty is meaningless. HaveHave you ever ask yourself or imagine that you had a fatal accident and your face was burnt but you still had life in you. Hmmmm! Will that be the end of you? We need to come to the understanding that beauty is timely because you will not continue to grow younger but you will continue to grow older not just in age but also in bodily functions.
Sincerely speaking, beauty is not enough at all, you need develop a good character. Godly character is only what can sustain you in your relationship. Of a truth, beauty will only bring you a man but it is only a good and Godly character that can sustain you that relationship or marriage. That is why you will be wondering you seeing some handsome men with some ladies and you will thinking about how on earth do they meet, their character had become their beauty. A man will so much cherish and adore you till the end if you have a good character. Do not let your whole life depends on your outward appearance, but let your inward appearance flow to your outward appearance.
In conclusion, build yourself up with good, quality, and Godly characters because that is what your sustainability in marriage depends on.


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   Re: * BEAUTY IS NOT ENOUGH* by: Princess(f) .:. Thu, 18 Jun, 2020 - 11:19:41:am GMT

Beauty is a natural feature that has a first-hand and instant magical power, which can make the man so enthralled and push him into a ' let's get to know you' mode, not having thoughts or considering whether she has a good character or not. As time goes on he begins to search for that 'extra oil'- what she has to offer aside beauty.

No man would just want to marry a beautiful face. No man wants a beauty to behold who will tear his family down right before it is built. No man wants a beautiful woman who has no respect for her man. No man wants a woman who he cannot share his dreams withand make plans for the future together. No man wants a woman who cannot pray to save her life at least. The most irritating one is when she is lazy.

Gone are the days when people use beauty as a weapon to attract men. Men now search for good characters along side beauty and in a situation where they can't get the full package (beauty and good character in all its form), they choose the good character over the beauty times without number.

It is important for all woman to sit up and add extra oil to their beauty. No one wants a liability as a spouse, get a skill something to rely on when the white collar job doesn't come through. Improve your communication and culinary skills. Have absolute regard for everyone. Stretch helping hands out.

Beauty is not enough!


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   Re: * BEAUTY IS NOT ENOUGH* by: Phaithh(f) .:. Thu, 18 Jun, 2020 - 04:05:23:pm GMT


We call someone a beauty when that person is pleasantly good and attractive.
For me, there are two categories of beauty:
(1) Physical beauty: of bodily appearance.
(2) Inner beauty: of the mind.

I would rather that this post be retitled:

Physical beauty deals with how lovely one's bodily appearance is.
It goes from the face, the figure and the posture.

Physical beauty is a good thing that one should be happy about if one has it but it's not something to be proud about. I read in a book that physical beauty is simply "an accident of birth". If you are physically beautiful, you are just lucky.

The most important aspect of beauty is the inner beauty that deals with the heart and mind.
When one has a beautiful mind love, peace, joy flows from such an one.

So ladies and gentlemen, when choosing spouses in the aspect of marriage, choose with a beautiful those with beautiful minds. And if the beautifully minded ones are physically beauty too, then you are lucky.

It's so sad about the nature of humans, they are easily attracted to physical things. And that's why most people especially girls take their time to enhance their physical appearance than that of their mind.

The physical beauty fades but that of the mind doesn't.

You will soon grow old and all those beauty will fade. You will be left with your never fading beauty: beauty of the mind.

**GOD'S baby**

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   Re: * BEAUTY IS NOT ENOUGH* by: Drewmonde(m) .:. Thu, 18 Jun, 2020 - 05:45:53:pm GMT

At alist a second time might have been offer to her.


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   Re: * BEAUTY IS NOT ENOUGH* by: Flochords(f) .:. Fri, 19 Jun, 2020 - 01:47:59:am GMT

Truly, beauty is not enough because beauty without character is just a display of cosmetic madness. Good character must be added to the physical beauty because we can indeed qualify a lady as *beautiful* because bad character makes your physical beauty of zero importance. Beauty makes you attractive but good character makes you sought after. Beauty makes you called but good character makes you chosen. beauty makes you look good, but good character makes you look best, beauty makes you admired, but good character makes you loved. Ladies should not only care about their physical appearance alone but also in character display because that is what makes her stand out from other ladies. Beauty can never be enough because beauty is even temporal, have you seen grandma's that were once very beautiful but now the beauty is no longer there because it has faded away but there will be something remaining which is their *good character*, it will continue to make them relevant because it cannot fade, their character actually de fin es who they are, but their beauty does not define who they actually are because it has eventually faded away. An adage says that " A lady lacks good character and she is complaining that she doesn't have head for husband". This is a very funny but true proverb in the yoruba land. Good character is what will make you stay in your husbands house forever not your beauty because your beauty is limited but your good character is limitless. i saw a post recently that says that "Beauty is making women go to their husbands house, while character is busy chasing them back to their father's house" and it is very true because that is what is happening this days. Beauty is not enough, Add good character to it because beauty can fade but character cannot fade and it defines who you are. Character cannot be covered, so impossible because it is like a smoke that will surely come out no matter how you try to enclose it. Your character defines who you are and it determines your altitude in life. START TOBUILD GOOD CHARACTER FROM NOW ON.
**christ's own**

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   Re: * BEAUTY IS NOT ENOUGH* by: Dynameak(f) .:. Fri, 19 Jun, 2020 - 01:13:47:pm GMT

Everything God created is good and was made for His pleasure. God thought it so kind to make man after his likeness and that came with a pronouncement upon the destiny of man to have dominion on all that's on the earth. Beauty is the quality of being good or pleasing beauty is also perceived as excellence and that's dependent on the context of use. A lot of time, the word beauty is being used to describe how appealing a person appears, for example if a lady walks into a place and she is well dressed, the persons in the room can give comments such as wow, you look beautiful, gorgeous!

As humans, we should learn to not conclude about another person's personality just by facial looks because the inner beauty which is gotten from character is what truly defines a person. Some person might look very beautiful on the outside but have the worse combination of character inside of them. It is important for everybody to pay attention to character as much as attention id been given to facial representation. Character is a complex of mental and ethical traits marking a person or a group. It is the traits that distinguish one person from another. No two persons have the same character because the degree of the traits will differ from person to person.

In the marital context, every man desire to get married to a beautiful woman but some persons have used physical beauty to override the importance of inner beauty which results from character. It is expedient for both genders in commitment for marriage to be upright in character but the placement has been divinely patterned such that the mother has a deeper print on the life of a child. Fathers have their role to play according to Gods plan for parenting but more to parenting is that the essence from a mother is juiced into her home and has a lot to do in the representation of a child in the early stage as the child grows with continuous teachings from the mother because mothers spend more time with the children than fathers do. Therefore, before reasoning marriage as a lady, it is important to have groomed yourself more than you were groomed from the home because in your marriage you will have to shoulder the responsibility of the frame of mind of the children by jointly impacting the children with a fatherly support from your husband.
It's not enough to desire to marry a beautiful woman, you should look out for her character to the persons in her life and around her. When you go on dates does she yell at the waiter unnecessarily, does she call the cab driver names, does she get angry at the slightest provocation, and does she honor you in words and actions. The truth is that a malfunctioning spouse in marriage mostly doesn't start misbehaving in marriage, there has been traces of misbehavior but the other party didn't pay attention to it and on the other hand some persons paid attention to the misbehavior but overlooked it because they claim to love their partner and don't want to hurt him or her. There is no how a misbehaving partner wouldn't at some point misbehave directly to his or her partner there are levels of misbehavior which makes acceptability of behavior differ. For example, some persons can cope with an extremely dirty person owing to their strength on the path of neatness but to cope with a spouse that is a talkative can be very frustrating. So it is important for anyone that wants to get married should carefully choose a marital partner. If misbehavior is noticed early in a relationship, both parties should calmly work on it so as to get better because character is like smoke and it doesn't hide itself from getting perceived in a place. If misbehavior isn't addressed early in a relationship, it will go with the couple into marriage and that can result in greater trouble in marriage.

Proverbs 31:30 Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised. Aside the surface honor that comes with getting married, a woman with good character will be respected by her husband and all that's connected to him because truthfully her character will make known that he has found a good thing.

**Life is a race but with God's element of grace it'll be worth while to explore His goodness. **

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   Re: * BEAUTY IS NOT ENOUGH* by: TYMartins(f) .:. Mon, 29 Jun, 2020 - 09:23:32:pm GMT

Beauty, beauty, beauty!!!! It's funny how many ladies think because I'm beautiful, I deserve to be treated right because I'm beautiful I deserve to be respected, because I'm beautiful this or that. My sister, beauty is truly NOT ENOUGH. Let me repeat that BEAUTY IS NOT ENOUGH. You are beautiful outwardly but ugly in character, aunty, you go nowhere.
As much as many people get attracted to that physical beauty of yours, they are sincerely waiting to meet the beauty in you. When they don't, you tend to fade away with each passing day. Like someone said, "a beautiful face without character is just a display of cosmetic madness" *laughs*, that really got me.
While growing up I always asked myself, "would it be possible to see a lady who is beautiful and smart at the same time?", this is because my environment couldn't show me one. I told myself, why not be one. Most ladies make so much effort to look beautiful physically, put make up on (which is really not bad), physical fitness a.k.a figure 8, but neglect to wear make up internally. No personal development, character build up, skill toning e.t.c. They've got nothing to put on the table, aunty collateral damage!
No one's looking for a mannequin adorned with so much beauty, they look out for living beauties that can add value, that can speak in public and people would be wowed. Ask yourself as a lady, as beautiful as I am, what do I have to offer? If I was to find myself in the midst of smart heads, would I be recognized for what I have to say and not how I look? How many people appreciate me beyond the exterior?
Ladies, invest in your self. As much as you enjoy that beauty, remember beauty fades away. The way you look now won't be the way you will look 5-10 years from now. With each passing day, do people age. Who are you without that make up? Who are you truly ? If you meet someone what would they think of you? As a pretty face with an empty head or as a pretty face with a bad-ass brain? Which would you prefer.
You fine, no character. Terrible. You fine, no sense of wisdom, heart breaking. You fine, you can't make an intelligent conversation, bad market. Get yourself together, develop you and yourself, you will be proud of the woman you would become. A woman that stands tall. A woman with lasting beauty, a woman of intelligence, a woman that cannot be ignored. A beauty to behold. What a lovely sight!
As much as looking good is great, do not ignore the beauty inside. Always remember this scripture: Proverbs 31:30 " Favor is deceitful, and BEAUTY IS VAIN: but a woman that fears the Lord, she shall be praised".

**With God nothing is impossible**

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