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You struggle from one relationship to another. You were with the first one. After some many quarrels and misunderstanding, you broke up. You felt you needed to be in another relationship. You thought of your age. You thought of how old you are becoming. You felt taking some rest and time before going into another won't help. You jumped into another with the guy who has being seeking you out for long.

But woefully, you find out it was better than not being in any than to be in such relationship because of the problems you encounter again. You couldn't bear it any more. You left. You sobbed for days. And began longing for another relationship. Your mates are getting married but you are yet to be stable in courtship.

You know what.... Stop thinking about another guy. Stop thinking of marriage. Stop putting fear of getting old on your mind. What you need now is to take some time. You need to stay single and try to think all over all your past relationships. Think of the reasons of the problem, think of their solutions. Move forward. Make more plans. Settle down for a while. You need a break. You need some time alone.

I know you are getting old. But it's better to be happily married in an older age to be married early and yet no happiness. Stop searching and looking. Take some break. You need some timeworn friends and families. Free your mind of dating stuff. Get more into working, saving and developing more.

Some times, what you need is not relationship.


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Re: AT TIMES WHAT YOU NEED IS NOT A RELATIONSHIP by: Piwizo(m) .:. Sat, 27 Apr, 2019 - 06:57:31:am GMT

You just said it all... I could remember one-day I was with a childhood lady friend of mine. We've not seen each others for some time now due to the fact that she went to serve in a far state. But meeting her again was a thing of joy. We actually got along each other once again. We chat, we play game and have fun. We talk about the times she was away, her side and mine side. We talked about our partners, but that was were the issue came in.

Sadness took over her face when she has to talk about her relationship, she was confused as well. She never wanted to say anything but I persuaded her to let me know what she was passing through and what is going on, the reason for her confusion was something to also know. I know she had a fiance before she left for serving. Though they were not actually leaving cool. The misunderstanding was really something that always brings quarrel among them.

I began to have feelings that they are no more together. "Did you break up with him?" I asked her since she was not saying anything, I felt asking will do a whole lot of sex. But her story baffles me when she said, the broke up the first week of her serving as a national youth service corps. And she didn't stopped there. She started dating another guy the next month. But he was worst than her ex after some months.

She is now so confused. The complain of am getting old and I don't want to marry at old age was what I never wanted to hear, but she actually mentioned it. I had to make her see the truth. If relationship is not working out the way it should be, then walk out. I had to make her realized that what she needed right now, was not to be in another relationship or whatever but to take a break. Take some time for yourself.

If you had a break up, it is not best to quickly run into another but take a break for yourself. I know you are becoming older, but you need some break. Most of the issue you face in your relationship many times may be your fault. You need to think over your past relationships. You need to take a break. Marriage is not by force and there isn't a specify age that you must marry.


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Re: AT TIMES WHAT YOU NEED IS NOT A RELATIONSHIP by: Oma_maron(m) .:. Wed, 01 May, 2019 - 09:42:58:am GMT

Sometimes it's better to move on than to hold on to a person who doesn't understand you.

Sometimes your absence will teach what your presence cannot...

Stop breaking your own heart by trying to make a relationship work that clearly isn't meant to work.

You can't force someone to care about you.

You can't force someone to be loyal.

You can't force someone to be the person you need them to be.

I'll be real with you, sometimes the person you want most is the person you're best without.

You have got to understand some things are meant to happen, but just not meant to be.

Some things are meant to come in your life, just not meant to stay.

Don't lose yourself by trying to fix what's meant to stay broken.

You can't get the relationship you need from someone who's not ready to give it you.

And I know it's hard when your heart has labeled that person as someone you could spend forever with, but you just have to accept that they're not that person anymore. And you might not understand WHY NOW, but I promise you your future will always bring understanding of why things didn't work out. TRUST ME

It is better to be alone and be happy than to be in a miserable relationship...

Whoever sees you as an option doesn't deserve to be a priority in your life, you call him honey but he treats you like a monkey, He is your everything but you are nothing to him, you are doing everything to make it work, but he keeps thinking you are desperate and turns all your efforts to weakness...

Never keep awake thinking about someone who is
deeply sleeping with someone else.

Never stay a minute thinking about someone who cant spend a second thinking about you.

Leave that person who takes your love for granted
and doesnt love you back the way you do, Love should be balanced not based one side.

Its better to be single than being in an ugly relationship that will make you cry forever.

**Graced **

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Re: AT TIMES WHAT YOU NEED IS NOT A RELATIONSHIP by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Mon, 06 May, 2019 - 08:25:48:am GMT

Be patient and wait for God's time, cause God time is the best...

The reason some people have turned against you and walked away from you without reason has nothing to do with you. It is because God has removed them from your life because they cant go where he is taking you next.

They will only hinder you in your next level because they have already served their purpose in your life. Let them go and keep moving. Greater is coming!
Just like you wouldn't give a book to someone who doesn't know how to read , Don't give your heart to someone who has continuously proven that they don't know how to love.
Sometimes you block your blessings by allowing people be in your life that should have been gone a long time ago.
When God sees a relationship won"t lead to marriage, he breaks it to save you for your future right partner.

Nonetheless, when he sees a marriage is of great menance to you, he breaks it for your own good(safety) because your life is worthier than that marriage!!
God"s plans are better than our dreams and heart desires.
Let go dead relationships and marriages!!

Let go that arrogant and egocentric partner.

Let go people who don't add value into your life.

Don't force things happen.

Don't force people stay in your life.

Don't force people have time for you.

Don't force communication.

You deserve the best, someone who looks beyond your imperfections and sees your potentials.

Let's be in healthy relationships.

Let's find partners who add value to our life and who wanna bring out the best in us.

Let's make a wise and patient choice of a partner who shares our values & vision for life and is ready to prioritize the relationship above everything and everyone else, except God.

Finally God shall henceforth remove everything that stands against you as an obstacle to your blessings, Upliftments, marriage, Progress,Promotion, and Breakthrough.


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Re: AT TIMES WHAT YOU NEED IS NOT A RELATIONSHIP by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Sat, 08 Jun, 2019 - 07:51:36:am GMT

It is not easy though, you see your mates, people you are older than getting married but you are yet to find a stable relationship.

But you can do it. You can give yourself some time.

You need to know where the faults of your so many failed relationships is coming from.

You need some time to check yourself and think.

Think of the cause of your first broken relationship.

Think of the second one

Think of the last one if you had more than two

If the break ups comes with the same cause, then you have to check yourself very well.

Many times, you might have being the one at fault.

You need some time to think over and change from your ways.

If you want to jump into another relationship immediately after a break up, then you will be thrown out. You don't enter a stranger house without knocking or you will be called a thief

**God's light**

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