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Procrastination is an act of lasciviousness, lack of seriousness, laziness. It also shows lack of focus. In simple term, not doing what should be done at the appropriate or exact time. It also means postponing an important task, assignment or project by having a nonchalant attitude towards those obligations that needs to be accomplished etc. We are all guilty of procrastinating at some point or other no one is a stranger to it, right? Some of us might be lucky enough to identify it in time and still do something about it.

Unfortunately for others, it steals their dreams and can even destroy lives.The reason people procrastinate differs from person to person and is not always obvious. At times it is a hidden fear that we don't want to acknowledge, or it could even be as simple as not wanting to do something because it just doesn't motivate us.

Whatever the reason may be, if you know you are a procrastinator, be careful: it has far more damaging effects than you may realize.

Here are some common effects of procrastination that can destroy not only your productivity, but your life. And one of them is YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS... And you know what? That's just the beginning of your failure. The moment you begin to fail in your goals. Procrastination seems to come on with full force immediately people entertain the thought of goals, of wanting to achieve or change something. You might have a strong desire to change but you just can't seem to take the first step forward. Sometimes you are just at home doing nothing and it run through your mind that you have a task to accomplish, but instead of you going that moment. you might be on bed by that time. and you will just take that as an excuse. you'll feel there is more sleep in your eyes that you need to satisfy. now, there comes procrastination whereby you would say, "i will do it later" sure, nobody is gonna beat you for that, but just remember you are some steps away in terminating your goals,you are some steps away in slowing down your goals. Do you know that after doing that important that will help in achieving your goals instead of sleeping you can come back to bed for sleep. life is short. do that which is needed and attain your goals before it's gets late for you.We set goals because we have a deep desire to better our lives in some way. If you don't do this because of procrastination, you destroy the possibility to better your life.You need to overcome it cause behind your procrastination it's preventing you from achieving your goals, otherwise you will never attain them. So, in other to attain your goals.



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If you are out at the sea and it got rough, you make for safe harbor. Any port is good in a storm. You don't spend time procrastinating over which port is better, if it has light or a branch of your favorites restaurant is there or not or the port services is poor, cheap and expensive. No, you just just want to get out of the storm, while there is still space in the port, and be grateful it provides the one thing you really need - safety.

This scenario tells us to be quick when it comes to decisions that will better our life. Sometimes you just need to act. As long as you get some return on your action. It's better than doing nothing. You don't need to think too deeply about it. You don't have to think too hard. You don't have to really think at all. Just do it!

The samurai lived by a simple creed - no hesitation, no doubt, no surprise, no fear. It is simply the most brilliant strategy for doing anything in life. It says that once you have decided on a course of action ( life, battle, business, career) then be committed know everything you need to know about it, don't be afraid and get on with it as soon as possible . If you have ever seen a sumarai sword fight you will notice they circle each other and then a dramatic burst of activity and is all over. One or other or both opponents are dead. The circling is not preparation - that was done over the years of training to check out your opponent - taking their minds. When they go into attack it is direct, swift, no hesitation, no procrastination. Your life should be this way, have that razor- sharp effectiveness about everything we do in life.

And sometimes acting fast is a lot better than holding out a possibility. Keep things moving. Quickly weigh up the odds, consider the pros and cons and then get on with it.


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Procrastination can make you loose your job. it comes this way,when you are being given a task to meet up with at the office. And you keep postponing when to start. Or you've started but later became distracted then you begin to postpone when to finish the task. When the deadline comes, you might loose your job if you haven't complete that work. rushing task at a day to deadline is not advisable cause you might end up doing mistake. don't rush your task. Start at the right time and finish and the right time. A dead to deadline is use overview. same also pertains to students, when you you have exam and you just started reading a day to when exam begins which was a day you are supposed to revised what you read. You might end up failing. Do what needed to be done early.

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Well, about procrastination, yes it's a fact that one shouldn't hold up for too long to get something done. I always believe that the best time to get something done is "now". Now is present, not in the future or in the past, its present.
I have an issue about the word "fast" some times fast is dangerous. Which is the reason I don't agree with fast. I would use the word "on time" on time with effectiveness and efficiently. With that you can be " slow" but you are on time and you are making it work perfectly.
I have seen where people try to be fast and they end up unable to complete it because they have messed it up. An example is someone driving to a particular location which is the goal, trying to be fast has led to many accidents in the road. But effective and efficient driving saves the day. So is every talk or every work.


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@gentleman1: You are very correct. But very well also, fast or hurry saves time some times. Not all fast end bad and not all slow ends bad. But eventually been to fast or too slow is the issue. You can be fast with something but never too fast, so you can take your time to correct any little mistakes that could come up immediately. You might not be fast and still make mistake in something. The fact is either you are fast or slow, just make sure you take your time in doing the task and make sure you are up to date. Take your time, you can do it that is why you were given. You know you are capable. so, stop procrastinating. And do the right thing at the right time. Procrastination might not end you well. And one thing is, Procrastination is accompanied by frustration, anxiety and depression. When you recall you have a task to complete and tomorrow is the deadline, and you know very well in you that the rest of the task is much and you can't accomplish them all, no matter how fast or hardworking you become. You will realize that from that moment frustration will creep in. And depression follows as you begin to imagine how terrible it will be if the task is not completed.

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It isn't just laziness that makes people procrastinate. But also lack of trust in their own ability.

Many people fail to believe they can do something. They see themselves not capable for that particular task. So, anytime it occurs to them to do the task, the procrastinate. Cause they feel they don't have the ability to do that task.

But I will such people to know that, a task you don't have it's ability won't be given to you. Before eGos allows any task come your way, he had given you the ability of accomplishing already.

This is why you must know who you are, know what you can do, know your ability and believe who you are. Stop looking low on yourself, stop seeing yourself not capable whereas you are not than.

You just have to discover yourself. Discover your strength and make up your mind to do it.

When you fear, it will become the worse experience of your life. Fear will put you in a cage. Fear will make you not to sew your real self. Fear will make you think you can't but you can.

You don't have to allow fear pull you down. You have to let go of fear. You have to tell yourself you can and stop procrastinating.


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laziness is disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to act exert oneself. It is often used as a pejorative terms for a person seen to be lazy include "couch potato", "slacker" and "bludger".

Laziness is not a word that appears in the table of contents of most technical books on psychology. It is a guilty secret of modern psychology that more is understood about the motivation of thirsty rats and hungry pecking pigeons as they press levers than wabout the way in which poets make themselves write poems or scientists force themselves into the laboratory when the good golfing days of spring arrive. A 1931 survey found high school students more likely to attribute their failing performance to laziness, while teachers ranked lack of ability as a major cause, with laziness coming in second.

Laziness may reflect a lack of self-esteem, a lack of positive recognition by others , a lack of discipline stemming from low self-confidence or a lack of interest in the activity or belief in its efficacy. Laziness may manifest as procrastination. Studies of motivation suggest that laziness may be caused by decreased level of motivation, which in turn can be caused by over-stimulation or excessive impulses or distractions. These increases the release of dopamine a neurotransmitter responsible for reward and pleasure. The more dopamine that is released, the greater intolerance one has for valuing and accepting productive and rewarding action. This desensitization leads to dulling of the neuralpatterns and affects negatively the aanterior insula of the brain responsible for risk perception.

**Just be yourself, everybody else is expensive **

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Act of Laziness
Everybody wants to get to the top but not everyone is ready to face the pains and struggle on the journey of success. It is scary to see people talking about greatness and wealth and all you see them do is to sleep and wake, doing nothing. A lot of us are even working hard, we are not lazy, but one thing is affecting us and that is the habit of postponing what ought to be done at present, this act is known as procrastination. If you do not fall into the category of those that are lazy, you will fall into the category of those that procrastinate and if you do not fall to any, glory to God.
Laziness is an act of having the unwillingness to do work or make an effort disinclined to exertion. From the given meaning we can see that there is no willingness to work, they are idle, they are slothful and they wants to enjoy the greatness of life. Procrastination on the other hand means the act of postponing, delaying or putting off, especially habitually or intentionally. From here also, we can see that there is willingness to work but it is just being delayed.
Laziness and procrastination are brothers and they work hand in hand. But we need to understand that if procrastination is not taking care of at the right time, it can lead to an act of laziness. Oftentimes, a lot of people becomes lazy through them postponing their work. The danger in this two act is that it limits our achievement on life most especially when we make it an habitual attitude and at all times, it will not only affect them, it will at some affects those that are around them.
In conclusion, never engage in the act of procrastination because it is the major empowerment for laziness


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   Re: ACT OF LAZINESS by: Flochords(f) .:. Sun, 21 Jun, 2020 - 07:07:26:pm GMT

Laziness is being slothful and being unwilling to work. A lazy person cannot go far in life because he or she is not willing to take risks. A lazy person is a person that prefers sleeping and waking up everyday, not doing anything productive during the day and a lazy person doesnt acheive things in life because he or she doesnt work and a lazy person often procastinate. The person doesnt do the right thing at the right time, the person is very slow in working and yields either low productivity or no productivity. It is not good to be lazy because a lazy man is always a burden to people around him or her because the person doesn't like working and has no productivity, so the person will often depend on others for food and other upkeeps.

A lazy man is a man that a lady should never pray to get married to if not she will become the one carrying all the responsibilities in the house because her husband will not work but will be at home sleeping and waking, flexing and have nothing to offer to the family. Don't be lazy if you want to matter and accomplish a lot in life. An hardworking man has a hope of acheiving a lot in life because he is doing something, don't forget that God blesses the work of your hand , so if you are lazy then you are doing nothing and there is nothing God want to bless, that is why the lazy man never makes it in life because he has nothing in his hands that God want to bless. start doing something today, stop procastinating and you will surely be blessed.

**christ's own**

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   Re: ACT OF LAZINESS by: Princess(f) .:. Mon, 29 Jun, 2020 - 04:15:56:pm GMT


A lazy person is one who is unwilling to do work or make an effort to fulfil his or her task or duties despite having the ability to do so. This person prefers leisure to work. This could be as a result of unplanned time or activity. Some make complains that they have nothing to do and when they eventually have something to do, we will get another excuse. A person is being lazy if his motivation to spare himself of making effort triumphs his motivation to do the right or expected thing.

One major way to avoid being lazy is by making your goals achievable and having a plan. Do not make a plan that is not realistic, start up the plan with the easiest and most important thing that needs to be done. Let it be something that gets your attention.

Laziness most times is what facilitates procrastination. To procrastinate is to postpone a task in favor of others, which is seen as easier but is less important or urgent. Although they are similar as they both lack motivation. But unlike a lazy person, one who procrastinates intends to complete the task and eventually completes it.

Laziness can cause a person to develop mental and intellectual stagnation. No one would want to associate with a lazy person. It is important we are hardworking. Laziness is seen as a negative behavior which is against social standards. The development of every individual and that of the society at large depends on the hardwork of everyone. Laziness has negative effect on a person's life as it prevents important things from being done.


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Lol, from the speed at which you posted this, it seems you had your comment prepared and have reserved it until when the point system will be up, you didn't want to post it without getting a reward, that's cool.

**Seeing is believing to those who do not have faith**

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Quote from Kissy:
Lol, from the speed at which you posted this, it seems you had your comment prepared and have reserved it until when the point system will be up, you didn't want to post it without getting a reward, that's cool.

Seriously?? I'm kinda suspecting you ma'am, why don't you stick to your own business?
**GOD is Love**

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Most people often fail due to procrastination. They have a beautiful programme, the plan is unique, they know they will succeed if they carry it out but, alas, they allow the distractions of the world to divert their attention. They get the "procrastination bug" by postponing till next year what they can do this year and postponing till tomorrow what can be done today (I'm so guilty of this). And the result is always failure, yes, failure. Opportunity comes but once, they say. We should rather make use of any opportunity we have. A close friend once said "Get it now! You might not be lucky next time".

Most people have this tendency at one time or the other, but it is a weakness that must be overcome by anyone who plans to excel in life.

**GOD is Love**

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