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Religion » IS IT RIGHT FOR A MAN OF GOD TO COMMISSION A HOTEL OWNED BY A HERBALIST? by: Obajichi(f) .:. Thu, 05 Jan, 2023 - 01:39:06:pm GMT
A bizarre incident happened in which a hotel was commissioned by a Rev. Father in Oba, Anambra state , Nigeria.

The native doctor who is known as Akwa Okuko Tiwalu Aki and also a native doctor who is the richest amongst his kinds splashed millions of naira on his new hotel .

This new hotel was commissioned by a pastor who blessed the property.

The presence of the pastor during the ceremony has sparked reactions on social media.

Personally, I've never witnessed or heard of such a thing before.

Surprisingly, some people gave good reasons for the Rev. Father's presence in the ceremony.

Many are seeing it as an insult on his calling or on God's assignment for his life.

It's funny how money works and influences people to do the unimaginable .

Some others argued about the true calling of the Rev. Father, refusing to believe he is a genuine man of God.

Sometimes, when we think we've seen it all in religion, we wake up to realize that we ain't seen nothing yet.

In every way, what do you think of such an act by a supposed servant of God towards a project of this kind?

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Though is sounds and I personally I have not see whereby a man of God will commission a hotel and not just a hotel, a hotel built by an native doctor, I have not see it before and Bible said in the ends time different things that has not happened before will happen and Bible did not said if it will be good or bad things.

Also the man of God can not reject it because it will be an opportunity for him to preach for them and they also know that everything that do they must involve God in it for it to work that I why they allow of ask the man of God to commission it.

Also the man of God may accept to commission the hotel built or owns by native doctor as a result of huge amount of money they give him I don't know. The power of money is very high

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Re: IS IT RIGHT FOR A MAN OF GOD TO COMMISSION A HOTEL OWNED BY A HERBALIST? by: Wonders(f) .:. Tue, 10 Jan, 2023 - 01:42:34:am GMT

There's no two way around it. What the man of God in Anambra did is very wrong. It's a sin.

The only definition is that he's promoting evil. A native doctor ooo, it doesn't matter how rich or influential the native doctor is. The first thing a genuine child of God should do is to let the native doctor know they are heading the wrong direction.

A true man of God will condemn the act, let the native doctor know that succeeding in life doesn't equate succeeding in Christ. Anyone without salvation is heading the wrong direction.

I know one needs to be careful with the way one talks about anyone seen as an ordained minister. However, the truth is before us all, it's crystal clear and simple: A genuine child of God talk more of a man of God will not be engage in such act.

And the common reason someone like that will be engage in such act is as result of money issue or pressure. However if anyone will weigh the matter correctly, it doesn't matter what's at stake, embarrassing the image of God like that doesn't cut it at all!

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Re: IS IT RIGHT FOR A MAN OF GOD TO COMMISSION A HOTEL OWNED BY A HERBALIST? by: Queen(f) .:. Sat, 21 Jan, 2023 - 01:39:57:pm GMT

It is very funny when I hear things like this .
It does not really border me when it is coming from the people of the world, but it is very sad when it is coming from believers.
The people of the world are hardly ignorant but Christians are because thay pretend too much.

How can a pastor commission a hotel own by an herbalist, what relationship do they have, what relationship does darkness have with light.

It shouldn't even happen. but if it is happening then there's just one truth; the pastor is fake.

We are in the end times so am not too surprised at things like this.
Fake prophets everywhere, one has to be very alert.
God is our help.
**It is well**

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