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8-9 pieces of beef
4-5 pieces of dry fish ( deboned and washed)
1 cup of sliced okazi leaves(washed)
2 tbsps.of grounded crayfish
1tsp. of dry pepper powder
1tbsps. of ofor or achi powder
1/2 cup of uziza leaves
5-7 pieces of ponmo
A wrap of ogiri paste
2 habanero pepper or yellow pepper
4 tbsp. of palm oil
2 seasoning cube
4-5 cups of water
salt to taste

Season your beef with a seasoning cube, salt, and the dry pepper. Add just a little water to the meat and start cooking on your burner. Chop the yellow pepper and set aside.

Note You can marinate your beef for 20- 30 minutes before cooking, this will add more flavor to your beef.

Cook your beef till it becomes soft enough. Add the stockfish ponmo and dry fish to the boiling meat before it becomes soft.

To cook your Okazi soup, add more water to the meat and allow to boil for about 2 minutes, then add in your ogiri, crayfish, the chopped pepper, and palm oil. Cook it for about 10-15 minutes in order to reduce the intensity of the flavor of the ogiri paste.

Stir, and check if your season is okay( you can add little season if it needs more). Reduce the heat of your burner, add in the ofor powder into boiling soup and mix properly. Increase the heat of your burner a little, so that the soup starts to thicken. The consistency of the soup should be similar to that of Nsala soup.

The soup will thicken in about 3 minutes, then add-in the Uziza and Okazi leaves and cook for about 2 minutes.

Your delicious Okazi soup is ready.

You can enjoy it with pounded yam ,fufu , eba or any other swallow of your choice.

Health benefits of OKAZI LEAF.
* Prevents indigestion
* It is used in treating boils, sore throat, and nausea.
* Cures skin diseases such as ringworms, eczema, rashes This can be achieved by just squeezing the water of the leaves.

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