Education » Tomorrow is Pregnant. by: HelenUde(m) .:. Tue, 29 Oct, 2019 - 08:34:17:am GMT

It is said that power intoxicates and absolute power intoxicates absolutely. A lot of people when in power intimidates other people uneccessarily. People looks down on people because they feel they are rich and wealthy.

Why look down on people? Why intimidate others? Why run that poor fellow down? Why trample on another man ?
You do these things because you feel the person is helpless, maybe because you feel or think the person will never amount to anything . You Probably feel that poor fellow you keep crushing and intimidating will remain poor and helpless forever.
My brother, my sister, please wake up from your slumber. You are not their God. The Almighty can change peoples lives within a second. That person you are oppressing today may turnout to be your only hope or helper tomorrow.

Remember that tomorrow is pregnant and unpredictable, nobody knows what it will give birth to. Be wise and be good to people because no condition is permanent.


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