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If you are looking to get into a relationship with a man, you are most likely wondering how to know he is for real. You'd really struggle to find a more common question from females than "How do I know he really loves me?" or "How do I know he is the one?"

Everytime I get asked that question, the naughty thought of "hmm, you know say Mr Giwa, it's just God, how do I want to know now?" always kicks in jokingly.

Look, if you want to know these things, the best place to start is by handing him over to God (but that's boring to you right?). Let me break your heart, you are never going to be totally guaranteed of what a guy's intentions are so yes, it's risky but there are a few things that can help you decide on what to do.

Now, the issue with these things is that they are also known to guys so when you find one who is really all out game to deceive you, it will be pretty difficult to crack but at least you'd be guaranteed of certain things in a worst case scenario.

Take the man to God and pray over him, pray over whatever decisions you intend to take with/around/for him. Contrary to what you see and hear, this is still the best place to start. (TO START o, don't just sit, pray and expect magical results without other moves).

I know the faith angle has been overplayed over the years and even misused to no effect but know that you still need it.

Now that we have cleared God talk, let's move to the 'dirty' stuff......

Single peeps, you want to watch this space. If you are not single, you also want to watch this space.


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Re: HOW TO KNOW HE REALLY LOVES YOU by: Velisa(f) .:. Sun, 28 Apr, 2019 - 09:26:41:pm GMT

Oh this one is the weapon of mass destruction and ladies tend to get helpless when it is strategically used. I am not in doubt that if he cares about you, he'd be willing to do things for you (yes, that includes buying you things - no matter how small) but because many people benefit from this, they forget the dangers involved. The easiest way to pretend to truly care about a person today is to buy things for her (which is just sad) but it is what it is. Guys know this so now it is the easiest shortcut to getting "beneath the catapult". The question that follows this is "Okay, if him buying me things is not enough, what should I be looking for?"

My dear Miss "when are you taking me out?", there is more to care than clubs, eateries and shopping malls. The type of care you want to look out for is him looking to make you tangibly better. Investing money is not bad but investing ideas and growth is more important. One person will rather take you to the club where he can spend hundreds of thousands trying to convince you (deceptively so) that he is capable of protecting you financially while another helps register you for a professional course or grows your business capital, the typical lady today may still end up following the club guy, why? well, only women can answer that one.

A man that cares abut you wants to know who you are, what you are, how you are, where you are and really wants to be a part of what/who/where you want to be almost all the time. If, after you take away the gifts, trips and money, and you are unable to find how he has contributed to your life or how he is always there looking to make you better then you need to question the real reason behind his presence. Fortunately, this parts relies on the lady to up her values, if she can need deeper things from a relationship, she'll get deeper things from the relationship. Unfortunately, many cannot be bothered because "life is all about the money.


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Re: HOW TO KNOW HE REALLY LOVES YOU by: Velisa(f) .:. Sun, 28 Apr, 2019 - 09:29:56:pm GMT



There are two major things that will make a man hang around you other than the true desire to love and marry you. The first is sex, which has already been addressed. The second is material gains.

Material gains can be in different forms but the most common one s monetary gains. If you are seen as a source of income then it may not matter if you meet up or not, if you offer sex or not, a lot of things may not matter because you are just a temporary person to tolerate for the cash flow or until a material goal is met.
Material gains come in other forms though. A trend that is fast growing is immigration and citizenship. There are economic challenges and we need to get with the realty if we are going to address it. There is nothing wrong with helping a person you love and intend to marry but there is nothing wrong with protecting yourself also. If there are benefits that can be exploited then keep them to yourself as much as you can so that it minimizes that possibility of being exploited. If you have dual citizenship, keep it to yourself (sad, but that is what it has come to). If you are wealthy, let your money not be a part of the equation so yes, keep it off too.

A person out for no good will test waters too and not risk going all the way to marry a person who has shown clearly that these things will not be available to manipulate. If he truly loves you, these things will not matter though.


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Re: HOW TO KNOW HE REALLY LOVES YOU by: Willidgr8t(m) .:. Mon, 29 Apr, 2019 - 12:21:23:am GMT

There are so many ways or indications to prove that a man dearly loves a lady. When a guy genuinely loves a lady he is ever willing to do everything within his power to keep her at all cost. Take for instance a guy that that supposedly loves two ladies.. among those two ladies the percentage of love he has for the both cannot be in the proportion. Let say lady "A" is Favour and lady "B" is Lilian...In a situation where he loves lady "A" more than lady "B" he is bound to go extra mile with her.. He spends quality time with her, he feels freeier being with her than lady B.. So ladies the easiest way to know he genuinely loves you is the quality of time and sacrifices he is willing to make on ur behalf .
**I'm very optimistic about life! **

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Re: HOW TO KNOW HE REALLY LOVES YOU by: Piwizo(m) .:. Mon, 29 Apr, 2019 - 01:47:32:pm GMT


You are more likely to find a woman asking how to know if a man loves her than you'll find a man asking the question. It seems men allow masculinity to push them into self deception on knowing exactly what to look for. In seeking a wife, many feel the need to show their capability so many become financially vulnerable. This takes us to the very first point.

It is normal for a woman to want things from you and there's nothing wrong with giving gifts but bros, you need to know when you have become an Automatic Teller Machine high on debit steroids (some call it maga by nature). Believe me when I tell you that, some ladies will not even greet you right, their default question is "what did you bring for me?" or "where are we going to?" (it is that bad).

Must I always bring something for you? Hold your ground mister, a lady who truly loves you will never make you feel like a second class citizen even when you stop giving her gifts and money because to her, you'd be so much more than that. A girl who loves you will be more concerned about the reason you have not been able to give and how to solve it than the actual gift you did not give.

You cannot even blame some ladies, the nature of training they were given from home is shocking. So many women today wait on what the suitors of their daughters 'drops' before they make soup at home, what do you expect the children to be? What are your chances of topping the list anyway? Whether good home training or not, refuse to be anyone's financial escape. Be able to give when you want to give as you want to give. If she tells you giving her things is a way of showing you love her, tell her understanding when you don't have is a way of her showing she loves you not your money.

A lady who loves you will worry about growing your source of income in whatever way she can not depleting it.


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Re: HOW TO KNOW HE REALLY LOVES YOU by: Piwizo(m) .:. Mon, 29 Apr, 2019 - 01:48:40:pm GMT


I do not subscribe to Premarital sex, neither do I encourage it but for the purpose of global reality, let's define some things upfront.

Some ladies are virgins
Some ladies are not virgins
Some ladies are hyper nymphos

There are more categories but these 3 will do for now. The rules of engagement differ for the 3 groups when it comes to sex. When a virgin says no to sex, it has a different meaning to when a hyper nympho says no to sex. I will not ask that the eligibility of a lady to be a wife be based solely on virginity as things happen and circumstances differ, also people change so I will rather one looks at the present character and try to form predictive character points of the future.

Having said that, if a lady tells you she's a virgin and won't consider sex please respect it, as a matter of fact, if any lady tells you she doesn't want to engage in premarital sex, respect it. However, she cannot be bouncing one person and be opening gate for someone else o, ehen. Guy, do your research well and pay attention to details.

If there are other men hanging around her in ways you do not like then you have every reason to complain, if nothing is done about it then you have every reason to be careful. It is important not to make permanent decisions on assumptions here because it will be unfair but find ways to get proper info. Summary, if she is not a virgin and you are getting bounced, find out for sure that you are not getting bounced to leave space for someone else. It is not the bouncing that is the issue, it is the "someone else" and this leads to the next point.


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Re: HOW TO KNOW HE REALLY LOVES YOU by: Piwizo(m) .:. Mon, 29 Apr, 2019 - 01:49:37:pm GMT


Maybe they exist, but I am yet to find any man who likes being one of many. It is very possible for a lady to have several suitors at a particular time but any man who wants peace of mind needs to find a way to sort this unwanted crowd.

Several years back, I was walking with my then girlfriend and a guy attempted to call her away despite seeing that she was with me.She didn't go but if she had, I probably would have destroyed P on that case and moved on. Later I asked why she didn't go and she gave me a very important reason. She said "I was with you and he saw it, going to him would have been disrespectful". That one reason was not enough to make her a wife but it sure made me feel like someone who meant something and it contributed when I needed to make a permanent decision on her.

If you keep a crowd of men around and make it difficult for your man to stand out then it probably is because your man does not stand out. Bros, if she doesn't stand you out, find your way out, you are one of many. This same thing applies to phone culture, social events and even social media. Forget that talk of being a tomboy, your man can and should never be lost in the crowd. There are those who would try to make it your problem and call you intolerant, possessive or controlling. If you cannot sort the crowd around her now, it is unlikely you will be able to do it when she's your wife, that is in the unlikely event that she agrees to go with you.

If it flags in your mind, talk about it. Only male colleagues drop her all the time, only male comments on all her pictures, only male phone calls....Bros, let her come to social media and post you "subliminals" about insecure men but let this be addressed.


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Re: HOW TO KNOW HE REALLY LOVES YOU by: Piwizo(m) .:. Mon, 29 Apr, 2019 - 01:50:33:pm GMT


Women are like open books. You don't need titrations and permutations to recognize one who loves you. It tells in her attitude.
In my dictionary like I will always say, love is synonymous to respect. A woman's default way of showing you love is according you with respect.

This explains why when anyone treats the man with a seeming lack of respect, it feels like a sharp pain on the woman and she becomes reallyquick to address the 'issue' and call people to order.
My very traditional people for instance would expect their friends to accord their husbands almost the same level of respect that they would. Expecting your friend to mandatorily kneel down for your spouse is an example but I digress.

You know when people say 'women are so gullible' (glorification for foolishness actually), I will say relatively so, in a good way though. A woman who is drunk in love responds with respect and I dare say SUBMISSION (That which people refer to as gullibility in some cases mind you, not all).
She allows you take the lead without any fears or worries because she respects your opinion. Some have gotten their fingers burnt this way but that's not the essence of this post.

She allows you receive accolades even when she knows it was joint effort or even in cases where it's been solely her effort.
She trusts you completely and is not afraid to share her deepest secrets.
Note women and their show of affection is questionable in this age and time where everyone is drifting towards extreme feminism but largely, the display is similar to most.


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Re: HOW TO KNOW HE REALLY LOVES YOU by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Thu, 16 May, 2019 - 08:26:30:am GMT

@piwizo:well spoken... But I don't why break up still come up even when the person love you.

Some will say... I'm sorry we have to end this relationship but remember I love you."

Please is that love still relevant. You've tell the person it's over. You have broke the person heart. You have already show through your actions that the person can't be for you anymore. Then what is the I love you' doing inside.

If you love the person you will stay. Some people have wicked heart. Someone will love them, once they know the person love them a lot, they will take the person love for granted. Maltreating the person cays they know they person won't want to leave them.

Don't hurt someone because the person love you. Love is not supposed to hurt. But people made it a hard thing.

You are even afraid to love.


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Re: HOW TO KNOW HE REALLY LOVES YOU by: Obinnaoguji(m) .:. Thu, 16 May, 2019 - 12:11:40:pm GMT

Interesting. Inasmuch as we may want to be sure of what we are going into, but we also need to know that men or women are not the same in reason, attitude, values and principles. As you look out for certain things to be sure, also consider the things that may likely be of person to the individual as a result of his personality.
**Obinna Oguji**

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