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On Saturday, I attended a friend's wedding at Holyghost Ambassadors, and I had the inspiration for this write up. Some women do believed that it's a sin for them to show their nakedness to their husbands. They will be forming too spiritual at home with their husbands Dear married women, it is a sin to form holy at home with your husband.

Your husband is the owner of your body, he has right to it. Be your husband's prostitute! Fantasize sex, explore sex with him. Always keep him sexually active by seducing him anytime you two are together. Don't be tying wrapper like one old woman in the village when you are alone with him at home. Wear those sexy undies.

Always motivate your husband's sexual prowess. You can help him not having concubines outside When he is sexually active with you, chances of him cheating will be very slim. If your husband is the type that love sucking(oral sex), don't deny him. Sucking is not a sin. Some women used to act blue films(pornography) with their boyfriends, it wasn't a sin then, now they are married and they start seeing it as a sin, my dear, change.

Marriage is all about becoming a sinner with your husband. There is no holiness when husband and wife is concern. Everything you both do sexually can never be a sin. As a man, if your wife is the one that love oral sex, but you don't, you have to force yourself to love it too. Treat your wife well sexually Don't deny her any sexual exploitation or gratification. Be sexually active my dear


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Re: Be Your Husband's Prostitute! by: Obinnaoguji(m) .:. Mon, 22 Apr, 2019 - 07:18:15:am GMT

Nice write up. It really baffles me when I see some attitudes displayed in some marriages. We must always know be thing there is no one way to handle marriage. Marriage in individualised to to the couple involved.

Every couple must learn what and what not works for them and embrace all, I mean all, that works for them and discard any that doesn't work for their mutual love and respect.
What am I saying? Most times people tend to compare themselves out of God's will for them. This also happens in marriage. I mean, what works for you asexually? What works for you emotionally? What boost your respect for each other? What boost your spiritual compatibility? And so many more questions to provide answers to.
This are not mere lip answer question. They really need a deep reflection to answer. I can't start telling you DOs and DON'Ts of marriage, but whatever it is that will work for you, you must work it out yourself. Work out your salvation and treasure it with everything you have.

**Obinna Oguji**

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