Love-Stories » How It Doesn"t Matters Have Killed Some Marriages by: Piwizo(m) .:. Mon, 15 Apr, 2019 - 12:42:43:am GMT

There are little things we do overlook in marriages, but those things are very vital, very necessary ingredients in keeping your marriage forever romantic. I went to one man's office and saw his Secretary manicuring him( cutting his nails). I was like, 'why won't a man cheat?' When a woman leaves her duty in her husband's life to a stranger, is she not trying to share her husband with that stranger?

The man might not have negative thoughts at first, but later start having due to continuous romancing of his hands in the name of "nail cutting' by his Secretary. Dear women, when last did you check your husband's nails? When last did you give him manicure and pedicure treatment? It is always so romantic to a man, when his woman cut his nails. It helps in building closeness, oneness and togetherness.

Don't allow your housemaid cut your husband's nails, always do it yourself. Don't ignorantly share your husband with another, by creating the room for infidelity. Dear men, have you ever tried painting your wife's nails too? Have you tried cutting her nails? See, even though you can't do it well, she will really value that act. She will really love and respect you for being such romantic. Always know that Piwizo cares, happy new week lovely members of this Forum!


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