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People do say, 'Precious' like supporting the female folks so much! I am this, or Precious is that!' I have to speak out when things aren't just right! Please forgive me for that. A woman is a very special kind of creation. She was created out of man, no doubt, but that doesn't mean she is a second hand creation That doesn't mean she is inferior. I was asking myself, why did God not create a woman with mud the same way He created man?

Why did He take something out of man to create a woman? I realized that God did that to tell us that we can never exist without a woman. He did that to show us that women are superior beings. Women possesses what men don't. Created out of a man means she possessed everything a man possesses. Being called a woman means she possess other qualities a man don't possess A woman means, "God's creature that have two personalities in one".

The personality of " A Man we know" and a personality of " an extraordinary man we don't know". That 'wo' in a woman means 'who is this man?', that is why till today, nobody can truly know or understand a woman. If you treat a woman well, you see her best, but if you treat her bad, you see her worst. A woman anyhow you might see her, holds the key to unlock that locked doors in your life.

She also holds the power to break every chains, obstacles on your way to becoming a fulfilled man. A woman is God's special gift to man. God really took time in moulding a woman, that is why you will see them in different sizes, shapes, and physiques. She brings beauty and perfection into a man's life. Let me pause here for now.


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