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People do say, "I want a woman that will love me the way I am". Yes! That's for sure. Every man desires for a woman who will love him the way he is, Yes! I desire that too! But let me tell you the truth " No woman will love you the way you are forever". She will surely need improvement. She will need you to better your current self. As you meet that woman, don't fan yourself and say, "I have arrived". Wake up and make improvement.

Don't stay at that same position forever and expect her to love you forever. She accepted you the way you are because she saw a better tomorrow in you. She believed in you when others looked down on you, make her proud by working on your self development. You don't have a job, she accept drinking garri with you, you don't have a house she accept following you to your friends houses, please respect yourself and make her good dreams and wishes for you a reality.

You need to change positively for her love to grow stronger. Don't kill that true love because of your laziness. Everybody get tired of suffering, no one enjoy suffering If you know you have bad lifestyles, characters, or weaknesses that she accepted you with, try and change so she can love you the more. As a woman, a man accepted you as a prostitute, don't think he will forever love you when you don't change. Sin kills true love o!


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