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As a man, it is very wrong to depend on a woman. At times I do shed tears because of the stupidity of some of my fellow guys. My ex girl has a new boyfriend, the boy moved in to stay with the girl, after some days, he brought another of his lazy friend into the house. It's the girl that is feeding them. Right now, the girl's elder sister came from the village with her two children, and they are all staying in the small one room not big enough to accommodate a big mattress.

Some guys don't have face at all, I do wonder how some guys can be so stupid to this level of stupidity. I one day called the girl to advised, and she was like, 'see me I don't love because of money o! I don't look down on people, etc" She was even accusing me of jealousy. Blood of Jesus! Jealousy? Me? I take every girl I meet as my own sister, I can't overlook what I know is not right and normal. Don't depend on a woman mbok. It's not OK! It kills your destiny.

And ladies, please don't encourage your man to always depend on you Don't encourage him to be lazy It is better to show one how or were to fish, than always giving him fish. Every time you give him money, food, water and urine to urinate, stop it now, if you want him to progress in life If you truly love and care about him, make him become a man, make him become responsible, by taking him to where he can learn a skill, trade or handwork.

For your information, a man that always request money from you don't, and can never love you. A man you always give money will be taking advantages of you. He can never be useful to you.


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Re: Don't Depend on her Purse! by: Velisa(f) .:. Tue, 16 Apr, 2019 - 08:53:07:pm GMT

Although circumstances might come up like you loosing your job. And you have to be home while your wife do the caring and paying of the bills. This at times, can be considered normal. It wasn't on purpose. You loose your job unexpectedly but at least if you are a man that had savings, you should be able to cater for the family and lleave to your wife to care for.

But if not on circumstances, it is absolutely not taking, and irresponsible to be staying with your girlfriend and not helping in any way. It's really really bad. It never speaks well of you. The lady might one day be fed up and starts insulting. This is more reason why you should, buckle up as a man and be a man.

I've seen men who gets married but still leaving with his parent and his wife and children with him. The parent are the one taking care of them. This is another crazy thing I hate. Even you are not financially buoyant enough, then why did you marry. You married a lady and took her to your family house. it's really stupid to do so.

Be a man that is capable. A man that is ready and vibrant to care for his family.


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Re: Don't Depend on her Purse! by: Willidgr8t(m) .:. Thu, 18 Apr, 2019 - 03:25:51:pm GMT

Depending on a lady for survival by guys isn't bad outrightly.. It could be circumstantial...I'm going to buttress my point with the points of mine. Logically it is an odd thing for a guy who is not incapacitated to depend on a lady for survival. A responsible guy should always want or like to do something with his life. A guy who truly value his relationship will do everything possible to sustain it. Everything possible encompass providing for the woman he truly loves.

Even the scripture acknowledges the importance of a man's provision in a relationship.The dignity of any man lies on his ability to assume his responsibility as a man. In any relationship where the woman is the sole breadwinner and the man isn't up and doing such relationship is bound to have issues except the man in question is obviously incapacitated. A man can depend on the purse of his woman when the following happens.,(1)..When a man is incapacitated :incapacitation could come in so many ways.. When a man is blind , probably down with a terminal disease like Cancer(malignant), HIV, Heart disease to mention but a few.. In that situation it will be very obvious that the guy /man in question can't help himself in anyway and for that he would depend on anyone around him.

Another scenario where a man could possibly depend on the purse of his woman is in a situation where the man has lost his job... from the particular time the guy lost his job to the time he gets another job alot of things are bound to happen. And in view of that, the guy can't help but to depend on his woman for survival.

So in conclusion it is not outrightly bad for a guy to depend on a woman for survival... It is absolutely circumstantial.

**I'm very optimistic about life! **

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