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She can't Cook, and so what? When you marry a woman, you marry her weaknesses and her strengths As a good man you are, its your responsibility to cover her weaknesses. The reason for courtship was for you to know her weaknesses, and see if you can manage them. Accepting to marry her means you loved and accepted her the way she is. You knew she can't Cook and you still married her, why are you now complaining to your friends?

Will your friends make her know how to Cook? Every true African man must know how to Cook. Being a bachelor gave you the ample opportunity to know how to Cook, but the lazy ones eats their bachelorhood in the bars or restaurants. As a good man, you know your wife can't Cook, teach her how to Cook. Or if you don't have chance, employ a caterer to train her. I can remember as my father used to enter the kitchen and cook for my mother when we were small. My mum is the best Cook I'd come across, but that didn't stop my dad from expressing true love in action.

He was one of the busiest man I know, but he will always create time to rekindle his love and support for his wife. Who told you, because you are the man, the head of the house, that you can't assist your wife? Who told you because you paid her dowry, she should become your Cook? Being your wife shouldn't demote her to a Cook my brother.

Being a married man shouldn't stop you from still showcasing your cooking skills. Some people do believed that, 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" If that obnoxious lie is true, then every man that do eat at a good restaurant would had married all the restaurant women he ate from. If it's true, how about men that travel all over and don't even have time for food? In a nutshell, ' the way to a lazy man's heart is through the stomach".


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People used to say, practice make perfect. A lady you love, does not know how to cook. Let her cook and correct her with love. The more she gets involve, the more perfect she would become. The training you got while you were a child might be different due to family background. Some parents are the cause of their children not being able to cook.

As a human we have a particular part whereby we are weak. Which I know as the weak point if every man. You might find a lady who can cook, but she had bad character, you can find the one who can cook but not educated. We all have our weak points. And this weak points are as a result of our influence to this world. God never created anyone to be bad but the lessons in this world, the experiences, the hand work of men makes one become who he is. Life itself is a lesson.

The Bible says, God made man after his own image. Man was made beautiful and wonderful after God's image. But our experiences in this world change did from our true image.


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