Romance » Think Twice! by: Piwizo(m) .:. Mon, 15 Apr, 2019 - 12:26:01:am GMT

Love is a very beautiful thing. Don't make it look bad. She was on her own, you did everything to have her, she told you, 'No! I don't want to be hurt! I don't want to experience what my friends experienced, or my past' You kept doing everything within your power to let her see that you are not like other guys. You did everything to let her see a future with you.

But inside your heart, you know you are just like that other guys she was scared of That other guys she was running away from. She finally fell for you believing that she had finally found an Angel, she had finally found that one man who will prove all her doubts wrong. But you knew you went to just have a taste of her. My brother, stop it!

If you know you are not serious, don't make her believe you are. If you know you don't truly love her, don't make her fall for you. She doesn't deserve heartbreak. She doesn't deserve you! Let her be please. What do you gain from sex? What do you gain from putting your dick in every hole you see? Think twice my brother


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Re: Think Twice! by: Velisa(f) .:. Tue, 16 Apr, 2019 - 08:41:04:pm GMT

I don't blame those ladies who destroy the life of some guys. Those who comes in form of human, but yet they are evil spirits who came to teach men lesson. When some sleeps with a man, he either looses his glory or he dies. I know it's not right to think so as a believer, but some men deserve punishment. They deserve you're cause they are making the world a hard place for ladies.

Imagine, being a guy.... You know you don't love the lady. You know you are not ready to marry her. She told you of how men made use of her. She told you of how badly hurt she was by her ex. She told of her fears in ever going into a relationship. But you made her listen to your cool words. You lied to her. You made promises to her which you know, you can't keep.

It's that not really crazy. Just because she is beautiful. Or your friends says, she is decent and hard to get. You decided to play the smart guy. You want to chop and go. And even have a video of your sex with her, which you will mock her with your friends. You feel you've conquered. You feel you've hit the target.

My dear, you are bringing more problem upon yourself. You are putting yourself in the lap of the devil. I pity your condition when the right time comes. Everything in this world has a reward. There is a reward for you being a playboy.


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