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The problem with men since the beginning of man had always been, "BLAME" A man was meant to accept responsibilities to some mistakes, and not to blame a woman. 'I have to be bad because a woman is bad', No! My brother. If only Adam had become humbled to accept his mistake, we wouldn't be suffering. Adam was not humbled at all His ego didn't allow him. God asked Adam, "what have you done?"

Instead of Adam to accept blame, he directed the blame to the woman. Adam was like, "the woman you gave to be with me gave me of the tree and I ate". What arrogance! That was very wrong. As a man, God don't want you to apportion blames to your woman Don't let your past experienced with a woman make you decide to be treating women bad If only Adam had humbled to say, " Lord, I am sorry", but pride didn't allow him.

Ego was at work At times it takes your sorry as the man to make a positive difference in your woman's life, but Pride and ego won't allow you. All these problems we are now facing would had been averted, if only Adam acted as a true man God expected him to be. Because a woman cheated on you, you start using every girl that comes your way. Because a girl broke your heart, you start playing on the heart of every girl you meet.

No! My brother. Be the true man God designed you to be. Don't let that girl be the reason you became the devil you are. Sincerely speaking, i'vd been heartbroken, disappointed many times, but that can't push me into becoming a devil, because there is always an Angel in me telling me to be the best man I can be. Its not about bragging about how superior a man is to a woman, its about acting that superiority in maturity, decision making and sense of reasoning.


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