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Dear girls, if you are lucky to have a caring man that do spend on you, please don't take him as a fool. Respect him Don't use him to feed your good for nothing boyfriend because you'll end up only fooling yourself and that your good for nothing boyfriend will finally disappoint you. One stupid boy is bragging how is girlfriend do collect another guy money for him Its very wrong to collect another guy his hard earned money to your useless boyfriend Its totally condemnable.

Let me clear your eyes my dear, that boy you are using another guy because of him, is also using you because of another girl Never you sleep around to feed your boyfriend of a truth, he will and can never marry you A guy that truly desire your happiness, can never agree to you selling your pride to feed him A guy that truly love you, will protect you from anything that might tempt you into cheating on him Don't rob Peter to pay Paul Stop demanding money from Peter because of Paul.

Stop it! If you are poor and lazy, and you decide to love a poor and lazy boy, stay together and don't let you people's condition rob another man of his happiness and peace of mind Don't allow your stupidity rob you of a good man A man spends on a woman because he is Caring, not careless He spends because he has and understand the true value of a woman He is not stupid my dear


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There was a wise lady I know. I called her wise lady because she was wise enough for what she did. She wasn't like some stupid ladies who has nothing upstairs but blinded what one stupid love they don't understand. And I wish every lady at the situation of thus particular lady can actually act like her. She really acted wisely and I will tell you what she did.

She had a boyfriend, who was in his final year in school and wanted to complete his project for submission. So, he needed money. He called on her and pleaded her to help her. The lady said, she had no money. She was also broke like him. But he actually needs the money. He told the lady, he knows of a man she can spend a night with and start dating that will give her the money they need.

The lady at first refused to do such a thing. But he kept pleading her, till she accepted. Every time he would drive the lady to the man's gate, and the man thought he was her taxi driver not knowing he was her boyfriend. He would wait till they are done and pick her up again. But over the time, she has not being doing anything with the man. They only sit and discussed.

She told the man everything. And he decided to help her without touching her and uneven advised her to leave the guy, that the guy will not marry her. If he can ask her to do such a thing. That shows he doesn't love her. The man helped her with the money and we're pretending like they were actually having sex and all that.

The guy said all the money he needed was 300K, which the man gave to the girl just for them to see how the guy will react at the end. She gave him the money. And told the girl, it's over. That how can she be so cheap to sleep with an old man. And that was how she told him everything. But she left him knowing the type of devil he was.

Ladies, any guy who can push you to sleep with another, is a devil. Live him now or you regret it at the end. The Reason Why I Said She Is Wise, IS Because, She Told The Man EverythinG. She Didn't Just Jump To DO It.


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Re: What Goes Around Comes Around by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Tue, 16 Apr, 2019 - 04:10:18:pm GMT

Some ladies are actually stupid. And I mean really stupid. If you want to suffer with a man, suffer with him. If you don't want to, leave him and go with another one. Don't bring another many sweat to feed your lazy ass.

If you are a guy and a girl is bringing you money, you know very well that her salary cannot carry all what she is doing. Ask her how she gets money. Don't be a fool to be collecting another man's sweat.

As a for ladies, you see a single guy who takes care of you. Who show you care and love, yet you live him to the one who has nothing to offer you than sex. You must be a fool. At last, you will come home with pregnancy of that same lazy ass. Then you will marry and start digging holes to eat. A fool at 20 is a fool forever.


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