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Do you know why I really respect women? Do you think it is easy to reject all the sweet words, the gifts, the monetary offers, the cares from hundreds of different men she encounters every passing day just to stay faithful to you? Do you know the number of men who talks to your woman on a daily basis? Do you know the plenty men she had rejected because of you?

Do you know the tempting voices she does fight within her on a daily basis? It is not easy to overcome temptations, but she does because of her genuine love for you Eve was deceived by just one sweet voice, but she became a better Eve by overcoming the many sweet voices Respect that woman you know is faithful to you Reciprocate her faithfulness.

Only one man tossed Eve and she fell, many are tossing your woman every passing minutes but she said, 'NO! I have a man I love' That is more of a reason you must value and respect your woman There is no woman that don't have plenty of men(both single and married) that disturbs her everyday Some became Eve by falling for one or more of the men But your woman said, "NO! I can't be another Eve, I have to be a better Eve" Don't take her virtuousness for granted please


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Re: Why She Deserve Your Best by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Tue, 16 Apr, 2019 - 04:01:40:pm GMT

This is a beautiful article for men. I can't really explain how I feel now as a lady. I just feel like am a kind of special somebody. Of course I am. Lol... But seriously, this is wonderful and I wish every man knows this and gives respect to the women. There is a woman for every man. And there is a man for every woman.

There is nothing you seek in that side chick that your wife doesn't have. It's because you are yet to discover it, if there is actually in that chick that is not in your wife. Your wife has everything that side chicks has. Stop looking after other women, look after your women. The woman is the reflection of who you are.


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