Celebrities » WEDDING!!!!!......Adekule Gold and Simi. by: Mizhbell .:. Fri, 11 Jan, 2019 - 08:01:26:pm GMT

Wow, guys. I can't believe of hearing that Popular Singers....Simi and Adekule knot the tie on the 10th of January 2k19 (white wedding), while the Traditional wedding held on the 9th January 2k19 at Victoria Island Lagos. Gosh, this guys are mind blowing, they are so amazing. I was damm amazed to hear about their wedding, they acted so matured. They took everyone unaware, I have never heard about this two been in a relationship before, not even a rumor about it. Finally they made their love story known to the world in a mature way. Though, it is said that they got engaged secretly, but who cares, that's well known to them for acting the way they did by make the engagement a secret. After all not everyone likes notice me kind of things. Most important is that, they are married now, and let nothing lead to divorce. Because Celeb marriages tire person nowadays. I thank God for the newly wedded Adekule Gold and Simi Gold, may God bless their Union.


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Re: WEDDING!!!!!......Adekule Gold and Simi. by: Gooddypye .:. Sat, 12 Jan, 2019 - 07:08:55:pm GMT

Same here too. I was surprised when i saw their wedding video. Seriously it's hard to believe that they were actually dating. Even the engagement, it was secret. If not for youtube that disclose their secrets to me by showing me the wedding video, i won't know they already wedded. Lol! i just love the way they really acted matured. It was really unbelievable. Firstly, when i saw the video on Youtube, i thought it was just a kind of music video whereby maybe Adekunle Gold featured Simi in a song, so, the video was out. Funny me,cause it was just a short clip and it was also unexpected. I decided to watch it all over and over again. I began searching for more videos to confirm if truly my eyes are not deceiving me and i will avoid sharing fake news so, i can also clear the doubt on my mind. But to be sincere i just love the way they did it. But i won't be against those who does theirs openly by letting everyone aware of their relationship. Because we all have our choice. Your taste might not be the taste of others. We are all humans but we don't have the same taste, we don't make the same choice. Either it's done openly or secretly, let it all end well.

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