Hobbies » MY TESTIMONY OF BENEYOYO by: Gooddypye .:. Fri, 11 Jan, 2019 - 04:36:00:pm GMT

I am Goodness Kapala, one of the active member of Beneyoyo Forum. We all are aware of what Beneyoyo is all about,which deals with posting and commenting. When you post and comment, there are points accredited to you depending on the quality and length of what is written. Beneyoyo brings people from different works of life to this forum to share their ideas and values on different subject matter as we can see from the home page.

I, as an active member of the forum have received payment twice, i joined the forum during the last week of december, and you can imagine how soon i've made my money and about receiving another payment. It is just a matter of working hard, make post and reply on others post,after accumulating 100 points, by following the rules and rudiments judiciously, you will receive payment. But it is vital to note that the Admin will review every of your post and if you are not in breach of the terms and conditions, then you will get paid just as i got paid. Another thing to take note of, so very important is.. for you as a member not to become inactive after accumulating 100 points pending your payment, it might take days to be reviewed by the admin. During this period, still remain active on this forum (posting and commenting). In conclusion, why i took my time to pass this information is to clear the doubt in your mind. Beneyoyo Forum is genuine and it's the real deal.


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Re: MY TESTIMONY OF BENEYOYO by: Piwizo .:. Sun, 13 Jan, 2019 - 11:19:30:am GMT

I was beginning to doubt the genuity and authenticity of this forum as a typical Nigerian guy, you no go blame me our eyes don see many things, but after I got paid I now believe fully in this forum, so please I implore all members of this forum to be patient and continue posting and giving us articles of different sorts to learn from, and share our different ideas and core values, and keep the forum warm and friendly and most of all lively, as we create an atmosphere to gain from one another a great deal of knowledge that will affect our lives positively!!! God bless you as you abide by the rules and obligations of this site!!! Piwizo says Happy Sunday to our lovely members!!!

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Re: MY TESTIMONY OF BENEYOYO by: Gooddypye .:. Mon, 14 Jan, 2019 - 02:28:49:pm GMT

@piwizo: At first... That was how I felt too. I doubted it was real. Immediately I joined firstly. I quickly make sure I accumulate my 100 points to confirm if they will really pay. So, immediately I accumulated my 100 points and I was ask to correct my mistake. I had it in mind to just forget. That's fake. But I just tried correcting the mistake. Let me just confirm it. But I was surprise when I received my first payment. Oh Mehn this thing na real oo. Lol... So, I started putting all effort. And so far, I will really say I've learnt a lot on this forum. Seriously, and it has far made me to develop myself more in my career. I love writing. That's just me. And I love reading too. And this forum has helped me the more. So, I will advice you don't doubt this forum. It's cool when you are in point with the rules and obligations.

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Re: MY TESTIMONY OF BENEYOYO by: Gentleman1 .:. Mon, 14 Jan, 2019 - 05:02:51:pm GMT

yea True. i read the comment and the replies and agree with all of you. and i will encourage everyone here to bring more persons into this forum because its in more persons the site also become famous and well known. if we know anyone who writes well and has some time to put some things up, you can invite them and let the site be great.

re"> Beneyoyo.com has helped me in the most needing times and i gave it a try and i have all reason to be grateful.
one more thing that is important is for us to bring more category like news, discovery, information and technology, even things about how to cook and the rest things that people are interested in.
Thanks Beneyoyo


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