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Delay is never a barrier in life , but most people feel it is. But i believe there is always a purpose in every situation in life. As Christians, we should learn how to be patient while waiting for something to come through and we must also believe that no matter the circumstances God's time is always the best option to take, because he is always in control. Though, it's not easy for one to wait on something but working with faith does help. For evey PROBLEM there is a SOLUTION. Looking at the scripture, the bible tells us a story about a man whose daughter was layed dead. (Matthew 9: 18) and this man went to Christ Jesus and said, my daughter just died, but you can bring her back to life if you lay your hands on her( with FAITH the man pleaded) And when Jesus and his disciples was on their way along with the man to heal his daughter, another woman who had suffered for twelve years with an issue of blood held Christ garment and thought to herself she will be healed with just the touch of the fringe his robe (she also worked worked with FAITH) so she was healed, and meanwhile, the man was (DELAYED) But he wasn't denied of having his daughter back to life cos he believed delay can Neva be denial.


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Re: DELAY IS NOT DENIED by: Piwizo .:. Thu, 10 Jan, 2019 - 02:49:53:pm GMT

Well I am of a different opinion though it’s a wonderful write up, my opinion is this, as a Christian we are meant to live a higher life in Christ Jesus, you often hear people say your destiny can be delayed but it can’t be denied, but I say if you know your stand in Christ and who you have become in Him then there’s no man born of a woman who can delay your destiny, not even a spirit or a demon, it’s all about grace and grace differs anyways, could anybody really delay Jesus Christ I don’t think so and my Bible makes me to understand that if the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you it will vitalize your mortal body, the reason why many Christians are been delayed is because of lack of believe, in Jesus ministration in one of his teachings a centurion came to him and said his servant is sick at home, Jesus Christ responded that don’t worry I will come to your servant at home and heal him but the soldier said i am a man of authority, I say to my servant go to this place and he goes, that Jesus should just speak the word that he believes his servant would be well and the minutes Jesus spoke that same minute the servant got well!!! So in conclusion as children of God we should have this consciousness that at the right time our destiny will speak, and we should be patient not because our destiny is being delayed but because God has an agenda for us and at the right time we will fulfill our mandate!!! Amen

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Re: DELAY IS NOT DENIED by: Gooddypye .:. Thu, 10 Jan, 2019 - 03:18:25:pm GMT

Well good points. But my question is are Christians supposed to face delay? To me I don’t believe in that. We are in Christ and Christ is in us. So, delay has no part to play in our life. When a situation happens whereby you prayed and you were expecting answer from God, and it begins to take long. It is not delay, it could be you pray wrong cause the Bible stated it that "at times we pray and receive not because we pray amiss". And at times it might not be the right time for you to have that thing. God has written your destiny already, he has made every plans for you, if you just let him do it the way it should be, you won’t be feeling delayed. There is no delay in the life of a believer, just allow God take control and you play your part. And to everyone,at times when you do something and you are expecting a result and it begins to take long before getting your reward, there is a reason for everything, there are processes a miracle must pass through before it manifest,so, what I mean is there are some processes that what you are expecting will pass through before it gets to you. It does not mean you are delayed but you are just being attended to properly. Haven’t you thought why some people after suffering for more than 3 years, they finally gets answers in a way nobody expects, things change in a way that nobody expects. Yes, that never happened one day, it has been in process but the person felt it the day it got to him. Think of the woman with the issue of blood for twelve years, do you think she has not prayed to God? No, she has. But Jesus was still in process of growing. He had not started his ministry twelve years back, but when the right time came, her miracle was sure. There is time for everything Ecclesiasticus 3. Be patient.

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