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My boyfriend and I are very much attached to each other. We can vex for naija and always sort things out easily, sometimes we would remind each other our wrong dids, look for what to blame each other. Well, the sweetest part is that we always knows how to apologize to ourselves. But one thing my guy lack is having a little trust for me, that's one thing i value most in a relationship. Why I said he is lacking the ability to trust me is this, My job is an house keeping job, I resumes 7:30am and close by 6shock0pm everyday. And my employer is a man, my work is to clean the house and cook if necessary. Sometimes my guy will call me when am busy in the kitchen cooking while my phone will be at the sitting room charging, but anytime I check the phone and see his missed call I do return the call, while returning the call, he would ask why my voice is low and when I tries to explain myself he would conclude that am having affair with my boss that's why i always miss his call and speak with a low tune. I don't know why it's hard for my boo to understand my nature of work. I have tried making him understand but it seems my efforts isn't enough. He just feel am cheating on him with my boss and it's not true. But this job is bringing a serious problem to my relationship and I don't want to loose both. Am so confused right now, pls I need an advice for this.


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Re: My JOB OR MY BOYFRIEND? by: Piwizo .:. Wed, 09 Jan, 2019 - 07:46:37:am GMT

First of all, I will not let my babe to engage herself with a chore that requires her to work for a man and possibly cook for him, does the man she’s working for not have a job, so the man will be at home alone with my babe from morning till evening on a daily basis, see it’s not a matter of trust, Everyman has ego, and that your voice is constantly low means there must be something happening because I see no reason you can’t pick your boos call when you’re working, it’s not as if he wants to talk with you for the whole duration of your work, also if he is suspecting you it’s because you gave him reason to suspect you, especially with your low voice, let’s tell ourselves the truth there must be something going on between you and your boss to even think of not wanting to loose the two, if am the man in the relationship then you will definitely loose me if you can’t quit the job, after all I am the head of the home!!! So you will choose if you’re married to me or you’re married to your job!!!

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Re: My JOB OR MY BOYFRIEND? by: Gooddypye .:. Wed, 09 Jan, 2019 - 08:02:11:am GMT

I don't know if your boss is always home. But what i have to say is, if you boo is seeing reasons to prove that you are into affairs with your boss. Then you have to make him trust you. You have to convince him with your actions if you are actually truthful to yourself that you have no affairs with your boss. And if your boyfriend has being requesting you quit the job but you have refused so hardly with good reasons, it will make him more worst about the issue. Your boyfriend loves you and only trying not to loose you. So, if you truly love him and still want to keep that job. Then be plain to him. Keep the phone with you when working. So, you can always pick his calls when he calls. Brighten your tone of voice, let it be it is when something is wrong at work you give that low tone so, he could understands that something is wrong with his babe. You can send love text message to him at work some times. Call him whenever you are less busy and let hm know you will soon start working in the next few minutes. Make him trust you with your actions.

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Re: My JOB OR MY BOYFRIEND? by: Mizhbell .:. Wed, 09 Jan, 2019 - 07:58:12:pm GMT

@piwizo: . We aren't married yet and we does not stay together as well. About me not been able to pick the call at the time he calls doesn't mean I don't return his calls back, I always do call back to let him know i was not with the phone, I do explain myself to him usually, and my low tone shouldn't be enough reason for his doubts, he knows too well that I have a small voice which is just sound like a bed room voice .....Lol. But i know he is just been insecure of me working for a guy. Well, the reason why i don't want to loose my job either, is because i aren't having another job at hand, and before one need to quit a present job, that person must have had one before quitting. Besides i don't want to sit at home being idle. Being idle is never a good idea and i can't risk it. But its so true that my boss doesn't stay at home most time, he's always out. Well, i gat your point every man has that atom of jealousy in them ......thanks for that piece of advice.

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Re: My JOB OR MY BOYFRIEND? by: Mizhbell .:. Wed, 09 Jan, 2019 - 09:05:21:pm GMT

@Gooddypye: Wow, @goodypye I love that phrase of yours of calling him when am less busy and letting him know my next work schedule in next few minutes, that's so cool and Brightening my tone of voice sure, will do just that.Thank you, you have Rilly given me utterances. But one thing we must know is this, as all fingers are not equal, all faces are not the same, all characters are not the same. That's how all men are not the same. Mr. A tries nasty with his house keeper doesn't mean Mr.B will also do dsame. So i think my boo is just acting suspicious because he has heard things like that do happens so his scared it might also happen with me. But my boss is not such a kind of person, people are different. Am not trying to support my boss, is just a true fact.

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