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LOVE is not a choice But a fact.

LOVE is not in words But in actions.
LOVE is not "ME FIRST" But others first.
LOVE is care Give it.
LOVE is life Live it.
LOVE is faithful Define it in you.
LOVE is safe Be the guard for it.
LOVE does not die Make it your foundation.
LOVE is a gift Value it
LOVE is forgiveness Let go of past
LOVE is a sacrifice Pay the price
LOVE is commitment Endure it
LOVE is truthful Embrace it
LOVE is kind Appreciate it
LOVE is patient Overcome it
LOVE is not a game Conquer it
LOVE is action Prove it
LOVE is not money Make it real
LOVE is not just feeling Make it deep
LOVE is not sex Exalt it
LOVE is not a principle But a desire
LOVE is not what you want But what you give
LOVE is not selective Express it
LOVE is beautiful Make it more
LOVE is not envious Cherish it
LOVE is not aggressive But sweet
LOVE is powerful Build on it
LOVE is wonderful declare it
LOVE can change the world Begin it with you


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Re: LOVE NUGGETS by: Piwizo .:. Tue, 08 Jan, 2019 - 03:02:24:pm GMT


Love suffers long: it does not gives up so easily, even when you are so hurt by the person you are showing the love to but you dont still give up, that's love. The more you are hurt the more you love, love cares for others more than for self. The deep affection of love cant be for you alone but for others because you care for the more than yourself, you choose the first in your decisions and make them a priority before yourself, if you really love someone then you have to care for that person, let them see love in you, you should no longer think of yourself first but the one you love, that's love because love is all about valuing others. Love is not limited to just your spouse but your brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, strangers, and people around you.

Love does not envy at all, if you love someone you dont need to envy such person. Love is being kind, being nice, being happy for the other person, you dont have to envy in love cause when its envy its not love but lust. Love does not puffs up, there is no pride in love. Love doesn't force itself on others, it isn't always self centered, that is not love that is lust because love is as gentle as you could possibly ever think, love does not behave rudely, its not self seeking,and most of all love does not provokes cause once it does its jealousy and love is not jealousy and love thinks no evil.

Not that you will start keeping in your mind every bad thing your spouse does to you or your neighbor does to you. No! that is not an evidence of where love dwells. Love easily forgets error of others.And you will start saying, 'Yesterday, he called me a fool.' 'Two days ago, he took my food without telling me.' 'Last week, he left home without informing me.' And you know very well, he has begged for your forgiveness, what if he/she never pleads. You don't have to score sins of others but let them go. You don't just have to hold onto them but just let it go. It will do you no favor but cost you more harm. Prove it that no matter what, you still value her. Forget all the pains she had caused you.


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Re: LOVE NUGGETS by: Gooddypye .:. Wed, 09 Jan, 2019 - 08:48:49:am GMT

@piwizo: All true, but easier said than done. The truth is if we all can know what truly love is about, we will all have a beautiful world of no fighting, quarreling, killing, stealing, slavery etc. That is why the bible said that Love is the fulfillment of the law. So true if only we could share true love among ourselves. Not just with our spouse and families, but with people of no close relation. Cause if we love ourselves we will help ourselves. There won't be conflict. But so hurtful that we don't understands what loves is. This Love nuggets just defined what loves means. It just tell us how love could be if we truly prove it. It's a good write up and i really got something from it. And i love one phrase there that love is not in words but in action. Don't just say i love you. But put it into action. Be sincere with your words.Say it like you really meant it,prove it.

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