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Sister i will marry you is not marriage, give me your mummy's number is not marriage. I just spoke with everyone in your family even your ancestor is not marriage. I sent some stuff to your parents is still not marriage. Haven't you seen my people? Is still not marriage.

My mum is fond of you, is not marriage, i love the way you cook, you will make a good wife, is still not marriage.

My parent and siblings can't stop talking about you, my dear that is still not marriage. I have engaged you, so you have nothing to worry about, that is not marriage.

Until he come and pay your bride price, perfect the wedding plans and take you home, that is when you are assured to be his wife.

Till then, you leave your heart opened, be wise in all you do and remember not to engrossed in wifey shit for who is not worth it. Ensure the person you're dating is dating you Please to avoid being disappointed and avoid double dating. Get to know what you're into.

Don't place your mind on anybody who is not yet married to you and stop bragging that he's yours yet. Also having keys to his apartment is not marriage.

Sister you are the daughter of a respected man and a future wife to another.
Don't let young boys fool you into their temporary lust. You know your worth.

Ladies be wise...

**Happiness is free. **

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Re: I will marry you by: Gentleman1 .:. Sun, 06 Jan, 2019 - 02:06:13:pm GMT

That's deep. And sincerely, it's not marriage until he has paid the bride price to the girls family first.

Many girls have Fallen to this and are still falling into it in this present time. Sometimes, it's not that the girls don't know that the guy is not serious with them, but the girls just feel they can make him love her. I tell you the truth, you cannot turn a man by trying to impress him by giving him everything he wants or trying not to provoke him and displeasing yourself in every front. If a man loves you, you will know without doubt.even your heart will be at peace about him.
Now, what guys use apart from the marriage talk is that they tell the girl that they want her to show or impress him before they marry. When you see that, run from him. He is not ready.
Girls are too desperate these days that they could do anything to get a guy or do anything possible to make a man stay, it's not by force it's by love. If he doesn't love you, walk away. It's difficult, but you will save yourself.
But I want to ask a question what happens if the guy is sensing a bad character and he is delaying to see if it will improve or if he can handle it when they marry?
Jt-unique, can you answer that?


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Re: I will marry you by: Jt-unique .:. Mon, 07 Jan, 2019 - 10:15:36:am GMT

@gentleman1:well, my dear my answer is NO, it is simply not a good idea to pretend to liking someone when him or her has some bad character that you know you won't put up with. It far better you walk away. What you should do, is tell the other what he or she is doing wrong. If they change, fine if not please do away while you have the chance.

Cultivate the habit of knowing when to walk away. Sometimes you really want to try, to bring your partner to their senses, but it's unrealistic, instead the relationship is coming to its end, instead of playing along, learn the art of walking away. If it's dead, don't go digging it up to check if there's a pulse. It's dead, walk away.

You may want to get even, by hurting the other person - don't get mad, walk away. There are millions of others out there. And there can be no better way of getting even than to ignore something completely it can be left behind. No human is indispensable. Surely, there is a better one out there.

Letting go and walking away means you are exercising control and good decision making powers. You are making rather than letting the situation control you. And of course, you Won't regret your decision when you find a better one.

**Happiness is free. **

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Re: I will marry you by: Exousia .:. Tue, 08 Jan, 2019 - 11:25:05:am GMT

nice one not bad at all

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Re: I will marry you by: Piwizo .:. Tue, 08 Jan, 2019 - 12:46:31:pm GMT

What is marriage then? My own take in all this is that our young ones in relationships should be wise, because there’s the purpose of relationships and any relationships that’s not building you up is definitely tearing you down, having said that not all relationships leads to marriage, because life in general is all about relationships, business relationship family relationship and friendships and love relationships, now every man and every woman should know their worth, don’t get fooled by the what he or she has houses and all that stuff, don’t always demand unnecessarily as a woman because a guy that wants to take in a wife won’t want to marry to a glutton or a consumer, same as a lady won’t want to marry someone without an active plan and vision, I always say this how you present yourself is how you’re seen in the relationship, don’t be too desperate for marriage, as there’s a right guy for every woman and a right woman for every guy, because when a guy knows a lady is desperate sometimes he just flex her and get what he wants then disappears into thin air, ladies be wise let all you offer a guy not be what’s between your legs, you’re more valuable than that, present yourself wholly and accceptable, that’s your reasonable service, you are meant to be his helper, so also help him, if you want a home then be hommy, let your focus not be in all the riches and golds and money and fleet of cars those things will eventually fade away, let earthly possessions don’t make you loose your woman dignity and for the guys stop chasing everything around skirts, just because you can get an erection doesn’t mean life ends there, remember you’ll be a father someday and probably have daughters and would you want different men to bed them, I don’t think so, in conclusion it’s better to wait long than marry wrong, any guy that tells you as a lady that they are many better girl out there than you but I just want to marry you, run from such man that’s already a marriage that has started with problems, and for a lady if you’re not convinced about a guy and because time is going you want to marry him, please don’t make the biggest mistake of your life, you are valuable, you’re precious and you’re indispensable, when you work in your God giving assignment the right man will find you and when you see him you will know, thanks!!!

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Re: I will marry you by: Gooddypye .:. Wed, 09 Jan, 2019 - 09:13:41:am GMT

hmm! so deep. Well spoken too. Am not going to speak against this but lets know that a man does not just walk up to a lady and tell her i want to pay your bride price without even knowing who she is and her good and bad habits, we all have good and bad habits. So, if marriage process will start from somewhere, am very sure the man will want to know his wife to be very well. if he request for her mother's number is something. See, we know that so many relationships break up today because of ignorance and also so many ladies today remain single with no man coming their way because of lack of ignorance. Every guy has a way of processing their marriage, some may decide to use all this strategies. While some may not. If ladies are trying to be wise, they shouldn't try to be over wise thereby loosing the one who was ready to marry them. And if you are dating, you should know if your partner is someone who is ready to marry you. I can only advice ladies to be wise in the relationship they get into, but i can't go against all this point. Many couples today passed through this things you said and are married. And if you are advicing someone like this, then you are eventually telling the person not to trust the person she is dating. Seriously, they are some relationships that turns to marriage but there are some that turns not. Such is life, even the one people think should be happens not to. Nobody knows what the future will bring. In everything we do, just do it well. You are in a relationship, trust your partner, love your partner, when it ends well, bless God, when it does not, bless God. But make sure you try your best to end well and date the right person. Date someone you know has a vision. Someone you know is capable to marry you. And the truth is you are married is not a guarantee that you will both last forever, that is why divorce is on high rate all over the world. People who got married ends up breaking up leaving the children to face a hard world of divorced parents, that is why i said in everything you do, just do it well. Cuase nobody knows tomorrow. A divorced woman finds it hard to get another man but a single woman can still get man more easier. So, marriage does not really ends it. So, i won't advice anyone on this, i will only say, make sure you are dating someone reasonable, make sure you are not the side chick.

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