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We interact with a whole lot of people everyday and little politeness has to be a good thing. It's important we maintain good manners in all things. You're probably thinking that you have good manners already. Most of us believe we do. However, the more you hurry and the more stress you are under, the more manners are likely to slip. All of us, if we're honest, will admit to forgetting to properly express gratitude for something when live life hits you hard, or feeling a huge temptation to jump que at the bank. However, try in that process to show good manners.

- queuing without jostling
- not sticking your nose in where it is not wanted
- complimenting people when you need to and when they deserve it.
- keeping a promise, well this is important for me.
- keeping a secret.
- keeping basics table etiquette ( you know better, not talking with food with your mouth open, no over stuffing your mouth, no licking with knives).
- not shouting at people who get in your way.
- apologizing when you offend someone.
- be civil.
- opening the door ahead of people.
- standing back when there's a rush.
- answering when spoken to.
- not swearing or abusive
- saying good morning and such like.
- thanking people when they have looked after you or done something for you.
- be hospitable, create a pleasing environment.
- not grabbing the last piece of cake
- be courteous and charming
- offering visitors refreshments and going to the front door to say goodbye to them
- abserving manners from other communities.

No matter how many small interactions with people you have each day, don't let manners slip. They cost nothing and yet can generate so much good will and makes everyone's life that much more please.


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Re: Maintaining Good manners by: Gooddypye .:. Tue, 01 Jan, 2019 - 07:40:28:am GMT

That's true... Manners cost nothing but yet can generate so much good will and makes everyone's life that much more please. If any one thinks he/she has always keep a good manner. Change this words to opposite. And you will realize you have always been keeping bad manners. Do you open door ahead of people when they person is not your girlfriend? I know that's so common. And tomorrow you will throw her away. Do you say good morning first when you see others? Or you wait for them to greet you first. Am very sure as the boss man or woman. Ruling Your Own world. Nobody can control you. Nobody can talk any how to you. You can talk to anyone anyhow. You can do anything you like. We feel it's normal at times to act in such way. But it's not. You are intimidating someone. You are punishing someone. You are making someone feel rejected and wretched. It's a New Year. You can change those ways. We can change those ways. We can. Let's stop making people feel inferior. Let's stop being part of the reason why some people feel they have no reason to live with our characters. Lets not be the reason for someone tears. If they will cry. Let it be a cry for joy. It cost nothing to hurt others. It cost you nothing. So, why should we choose that. Let's amend our manners. Not abusing people because they did a little mistake. Not slapping someone badly who mistakenly stepped on your foot. Not pouring water on someone because he/she came begging. Bad manners only brings bad names. People will start seeing you as a wicked person. Some will say he is strict or she is strict. It's not cool to hear. Been strict does not portrait discipline. Been nice and friendly to everyone.

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Re: Maintaining Good manners by: Piwizo .:. Tue, 01 Jan, 2019 - 06:51:52:pm GMT

Good manners is considering the feelings of other people, and being the kind of person that others will like and respect, even in the bible we have something called the golden rule in matthew 7:12 do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

Good manners are more than opening doors and writing thank you notes. While opening doors for others and writing notes is nice, true courtesy goes deeper. Being polite and courteous means considering how others are feeling.

If you practice good manners, you are showing those around you that you are considerate of their feelings and respectful. You are also setting standards for others' behavior and encouraging them to treat you with similar respect.

Every culture and individual may have different rules or feelings about what is polite or is not polite. The goal of this course is to review some of the more basic and common rules of polite behavior in our society.

These rules may differ from person to person or based on situation, but there is one rule of good manners (and life, in general) that is always easy to follow - do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Dont be good because you expect others to be good towards you, dont be good because you want others to repay you, be good because it is your nature to be good, so despite the actions or reactions of your spheres of contact, you still remain good because its your identity!!!


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Re: Maintaining Good manners by: Jt-unique .:. Fri, 11 Jan, 2019 - 09:34:43:pm GMT

Well, sometimes it's easy to have opinions, because we all do. The problem is knowing when to them to your self and when to express them. It is also mannerism. The reason most people don't know when to keep quiet is that they think their opinion :

* counts for something
* is important
* will make a difference
* will them approval, love and attention

All of these are wrong reasons for expressing an opinion. The right reason for expressing an opinion is because you have been asked to. If you are asked, then you can say what you think. If you are not asked, then you keep quiet.

Your opinions should be priceless. You should know that and don't give it when it's not needed . Add value to your opinion and have it ready when you are being asked. Learn to express that opinion clearly and accurately. Always make it sound as if your opinion is the actual solution that will be implemented.

Say your opinions as a fact. Donnot say ''I think we should ', instead say 'we should '. Please try as much to avoid using 'I think, I feel, in my opinion. Be bold and butress your point in the most assuring way you can

**Happiness is free. **

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