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If you are going to deal and trade and swap, you have to learn the art of negotiating. Basically the art revolves around making the other person feel they are getting as much as you are. If you learn this art, everything slips along easily and smoothly and you get what you and they get what they want too. Win/win

There are a number of rules about negotiating you need to bear in mind:
  • Always know your bottom line - the beyond which you will not go.
  • Always know what it is you want- the goal, the end product, the target. There's no use negotiating if you don't know what you are negotiating for.
  • Always aim for win/win
  • Always bear in mind that negotiating isn't just about stuff - it has powerful emotional ramifications as well..
  • Know the Importance of each point - some you can let go of, some you can't.
  • Always prepare to give up things to secure other - be flexible and fluid.
  • Understand what they aren't saying as much as what they are - watch their body language and facial expressions.
  • Stay cool and patient.
  • Negotiate successfully for everything you want at the beginning - you can't negotiate afterwards, n o one will go back over a contract you've signed when you realize you don't like it.
  • Find out exactly what they want and get all their shopping list before you start negotiating. Hide yours.
  • Create more variables - discounts, delivery, payment etc.
  • Finally go for the best deal you can possibly justify. Coming down later is easy going up later is almost impossible.
Bring things to the open so there are no assumptions. Assumptions are bad!


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Re: Learn the art of negotiating. by: Aprare .:. Mon, 17 Dec, 2018 - 03:15:58:pm GMT

I don't wanna sell and run. I want to repeat business and I also want a decent and good reputation. So, while negotiating it should be with courtesy.

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Re: Learn the art of negotiating. by: Slaymama .:. Mon, 17 Dec, 2018 - 04:36:28:pm GMT

Sure, people seem to think they have to get someone screwd over in a negotiation, to get what they want, but that's total backwards. You can't make a demand and expect the other person to do the supply when you haven't make a case on it( no negotiations). And we have to realize that negotiations don't have to be adversarial. So before signing or agreeing to a business proposal, you must approach every negotiation With care and nuances.

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Re: Learn the art of negotiating. by: Jt-unique .:. Fri, 11 Jan, 2019 - 11:09:47:pm GMT

Speak well

So does speak well mean? Am not suggesting you twist your tongue and say some words in a certain way. You can keep your regional accent. We speak to communicate, to pass information. Speaking well means getting information over clearly and effectively. It doesn't matter how you speak, but it does matter that you speak clearly.

Things you must avoid when speaking well:
*mumbling - this shows you don't know what you are saying. In business you must know your market very well in order to sell.

*speaking too softly and quietly - they can't hear you. This show your confidence level. Confidence brings about boldness and boldness brings about loudness.

*using jargon - people don't understand jargon. Speak the language they can understand. I mean in the area of their department or field of expertise.

*any sort of speaking that identifies you with any particular group. For instance, trying to use the latest slang, politically wrong, or too belonging to any class (too regional).

Speaking badly- using words in the wrong phrase or sentence. Please if you don't know the difference get an English grammar book and learn it off by heart. Don't use verbal mannerisms such as 'you know ' or like '. Always finish your sentence.

A good speech should be
* bright
* clear
* pleasant
* simple
This is all you need. With these four, you won't go wrong and people will remember what you say and be impressed by your clear, bright speaking voice. Speaking well makes an impact in business. If you walk in confidently, say your name clearly and with confidence people will assume you know where you are going, who you are and what you want.


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