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Important Healthy Eating Guidelines: Drink Plenty of Water and Not Soda Cut down on soda and replace soda with chilled water. Soda and fizzy drinks do more harm to your system than you can ever imagine. So stop taking them today or at-least cut down on them. This applies to diet soda or drinks as well. The fact is that diet drinks are just a marketing gimmick and are no better than the ordinary ones. Replace soda with chilled water and drink plenty of it. I am not asking you to over drink too much water at the same time. Drink water consciously throughout the day. How about half a liter of water every hour? Drinking enough water at proper intervals will help your body burn more calories and detox. Going to the restroom often is also a great exercise! Lukewarm water is even better that chilled water but I don’t want to push you to the edge. Note: Drink less water when you are having important meals of the day. Water can slow down digestion by mixing up with the digestive juices. Tip #1: So the healthy eating habits tip number one is to replace soda with water and drink lots of it at regular intervals Eat slow and consciously No matter how hungry you are make a conscious effort to eat food slowly. Food is meant to be tasted and enjoyed and is not meant to fill up your stomach to the maximum. So eat your food slowly by chewing it properly. Do not watch T.V. or involve yourself in a conversation while eating. Eat consciously knowing what you are eating and how much of it you are eating. Eating slow will help the body digest food more effectively and in addition you will not overeat as your hunger will subside faster. Tip#2: So tip number two is to eat slowly and consciously. In other words, respect and enjoy your food. Give up on milk and milk products Most people think that milk is a healthy food, but the fact is far from the truth. Milk and milk products like butter, cheese etc. are the main reason for the formation of fat deposits in our body. So give up on these and do not eat any food materials that make use of milk products. Yes, this includes pizza. Having a cup of tea or coffee is fine but you can always consider switching to black tea if you are an addict. Tip#3: So eating healthy guideline number three is to replace milk and milk products with soy milk and soy milk products Be a vegetarian once a meal Take one meal of the day and make it completely vegetarian. I would suggest having a vegetarian dinner. When you go to bed after a dinner, a vegetarian meal would be much easier to digest and will not result in fat formation. Include fruits, whole grain and green vegetables in your vegetarian meal. Eating mashed potatoes is not very healthy. So make sure to include green leafy vegetables and salads. Tip#4: Tip number four for health eating is to eat a completely vegetarian meal rich in fruits and green leafy vegetables once a day Eat your important meals on time Make it a habit to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner on time every day. This is very important. Eating on time will pretty much solve all your digestion related problems. If you have issues keeping up with your eating time, try setting an alarm to remind you when it’s time to eat. Tip#5: So healthy eating guide number five is to eat your important meals on time Snack healthy and snack yourself between meals Don’t leave your stomach empty for a long period. If you leave your stomach empty chances are that you might overeat during meals (even unknowingly). So snack yourself between meals but make sure you snack healthy. Snacks do not necessarily mean fried chips, bread, crackers or burgers. Snack healthy with salads, whole fruits, unsalted nuts (avoid peanuts and cashews), dry fruits like dates, puffed rice, homemade popcorns (avoid pre-packaged popcorn), lean meats and whole grain foods. Sunflower or pumpkin seeds are also great snacks. You can chew them all the time and still stay safe of additional calorie intake. Tip#6: So tip number six for health eating is to snack healthy and not to leave your stomach empty for a long period of time so you can avoid overeating during meals. Learn to cook and avoid the three unhealthy whites Learning to cook can help you figure out all the stuff that goes into your food. This will also mean that you can avoid unhealthy food ordered from hotels. You will now be in a much better position to judge what to eat and what not to eat. Minimize intake of the three unhealthy whites sugar, salt and white flour. All these three white products are bad for your health. Make it a point to reduce their intake as much as possible. Cooking on your own will ensure that you make minimal use of the above. Tip#7: Tip number seven is to learn cooking healthy meals Don’t skip breakfast, eat it as early as possible Eat your breakfast as early as you can in the morning. This will give an early kick start to your body’s metabolism. But no matter what you do, do not skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a healthy breakfast ensures a healthy lifestyle. Skipping your breakfast ruins your body’s metabolism which can actually result in your body gaining more weight. Eating regularly every morning can slowly improve your body’s metabolism which will help you lose weight in the long run. A healthy breakfast also ensures that you do not get involved in binge eating in the later part of the day. Tip# 8: Tip number eight of this healthy eating guide is to eat your breakfast regularly and as early as possible Keep a food journal Keep a food journal and keep noting down what ever you eat during the day without fail. At the end of the day, go through the notes and try to figure out the amount of calories and fat you would have possibly gained or lost today in comparison to the previous day. Keeping a journal will help you keep a track on your eating habits. This will subconsciously help you eat healthy foods and avoid the bad ones. Tip#9: Maintain a food journal and update it constantly. Read it at the end of the day and end of every month to understand your eating pattern Share your food Enjoy the spirit of giving by sharing your food with your friends or with someone in need of food. Think about this when you are overeating. Overeating is nothing but a waste of precious food. Your body does not need all that food. So why overeat? Think about people who are not privileged and share your food with them. The spirit of giving can help you in more ways than one. Human beings are all part of a single chain. Helping others will earn you their good wishes and the more good wishes you have the more easily you will achieve what you want. This includes losing body weight. Tip#10: Tip number 10 is all about the spirit of giving. Share your food and stop overeating.

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I believe this article is not met for poor people. How do you expect individual,who don't have what to eat all the time to put all these into consideration. Let's take me for instance, I don't eat three meals all the and sometime I ate 6times in a day. Now a times, I little resources at home and you can't expect an African Nigeria guy who have little to be eating as early as possible. You have arrange the meal yourself and forget about what the doctor say's about eating habit or not order wise you run out of resources. I believe average people understand what am try to say not the so called rich hmmmm.
**kenny g**

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